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Why SEO is Important for your Website?

You are here because You’ve likely heard about SEO and want to know more about it. Understanding that SEO is the approach to alter the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid result is in-itself a step ahead. However, What’s likely interesting to you as a business owner is why do you  actually need SEO to help drive more relevant traffic, leads, sales, and ultimately revenue and profit for your business.

That’s what we’ll emphasis on in this article:

Well, Why do People Search in Search Engines?

Now-a-days many people search the web for many reasons including solving their problems, to accomplish tasks, and to buy/do something. They might be searching for an event ticket, or Booking a hotel or buy something or just browse cute dog photos . When a user starts a search, they’re actually starting a buying journey. Marketers love talking about something called “the consumer journey.” It’s just a fancy way of referencing a user’s path from the inception of their task to the completion and many of these journeys start with a search in the Search engine.

Most Often Organic Search Is the Primary Source of Website Traffic

Organic search is a much bigger part of most business’s website performance, as well as an important component of the buyer funnel and ultimately getting users to complete a conversion or engagement. As marketers are aware , Google owns a significantly larger portion of the search market than competitors like Bing or DuckDuckGo, and the many others in the list. SEO Experts say, this does not mean that other search engines don’t contribute to a brand’s visibility , sure they do, it’s just that Google owns about 75-80 percent of the overall search market.

Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” (@jillwhalen)

SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

SEO is ART, Authority. Relevancy. Trust. There is no single path or shortcut to building authority and trust in SEO. We can outline many different ways, starting with great content, which is shareable, contains keywords, and highlights the opinions of thought leaders in your industry. Once you have that base content, try and promote your content on social media. Mention the people whom you have quoted , which might get you a ripple effect.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall

Local SEO leads to Increased Engagement, Traffic & Conversions

With the rise and growing domination of mobile traffic, local search has become a fundamental part of small- and medium-sized businesses’ success.Local SEO aims at optimising your digital properties for a specific vicinity, so people can find you quickly and easily, putting them one step closer to a transaction.Local optimizations focus on specific towns, cities, regions, and even states, to establish a viable medium for a brand’s messaging on a local level.

Being aware of SEO helps in Understanding the Environment of the world wide web!

This is very interesting, with the ever changing space that is the web , it can be challenging to stay on top of the changes as they take place. But staying on top of SEO includes being in the loop for the major changes taking place for search. Knowing the environment of the Web, including strategies being implemented by other local, comparable businesses and competitors, will be highly beneficial for any brand.

Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost, Main Street ROI

SEO Is indeed Long Term Strategy

SEO can surely have a noticeable impact within the first year( some businesses can be in 6-8 months time) of action being taken, and many of those actions will have an impact that lasts more than several years in a row. Even a website that hasn’t had a heavyLoad of intense SEO recommendations implemented will gradually improve from basic its SEO best practices being done on an honest website with a decent user experience. And the more SEO time, effort, and budget that is committed to it, the better and longer a website stands to being a worthy contender in its market.

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.” – Adam Audette,

Today's Good SEO

SEO Experts say, Good SEO can't only focus on content, but also it must include options:

  • To take the searcher through multiple versions of the same page.
  • Solve any technical problems that make content invisible to search engines.
  • Integrate with social media, content, Customer journey, paid search, or analytics.
  • Finally , Find ways to speed up your website.


Implementing quality SEO on a brand’s website and digital properties is always going to be beneficial to that brand and its marketing efforts.

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SEO is considered a new age marketing approach and it’s critical to a brand’s web presence in today's internet world.

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