Website Blunders to avoid

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Classic blunders to avoid on your next website project.
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Many people ask us why they should invest their time and money into a custom-made website versus a premade template instead.

The truth is some businesses should NOT get a custom website. The reasons depend on several factors.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Listed below some of the Website Blunders to avoid

1. Check Auto-renew Option your domain registration

Whether you are getting your domain name from Godaddy or siteground make sure you have checked the Auto-Renew option.

I had a client once that failed to have their domain set to auto-renew. Their domain was a 4 letter highly valuable domain name. And they ended up having to buy it back from a poacher for over 5 figures. OoopSyyy …


Even better than auto-renewing your domain is to pre-purchase the registration for 10 years in advance. There is evidence that this slightly helps with your SEO ranking on Google.

2. Regular website backup is a must

Data loss should be avoided at all costs.
That means you’ll need a complete backup of your website, as well as a backup of your personal information. Furthermore, data loss can occur even when no human error is present. Even if you and your team know what you’re doing, getting backups is necessary.

3.Check for any Broken Links

If you’re getting your site redesigned, one of the most important things is to not mess  up your existing SEO (search engine optimisation).

This is done primarily by not breaking any links on your site. Meaning, you either want to keep your URL structure the same as much as possible. Or you want to set up redirects from the old URLs to the new ones.

Are you keen to know if you currently have any broken links on your site? You can use a third-party tool like this one to see if you any broken links:

4.Submit website sitemap to Google Search console.

Submitting your sitemap to Google  Search console  allows Googlebot to crawl and index your site more effectively by giving them a full list of your site’s pages.

 Before you submit your sitemap to Search Console, you will need to generate your sitemap file and upload it to the root of your site, most commonly under the path: /sitemap.xml.( For both pages and Blog posts) .

Pro tip:

The Sitemap generation  can be done using any SEO Plugins like Rankmath or Yoast SEO if your using wordPress CMS to Build your website.

5.Uncheck the de-index box in WordPress

Developing a new WordPress website is usually done in a ‘test’ setting. This is done so that you can preview the ‘latest’ website before it goes ‘online.’

By default, WordPress marks the latest test site as de-indexed by Google, ensuring that it is not indexed on the internet while you are still developing the website. 

So make sure, you Uncheck the No Index Check box before going live .

6.Don't make too many major change at a time

Some Businesses want to update their company’s name, website URL, and website design all on the same day. It is not something I would suggest. Especially if you don’t want your Google rankings to suffer.

If you know you’ll be changing your domain name, do so at least a month before or after you launch your new site. This gives Google enough time to notice the shift and make the necessary changes.

When you make a lot of changes at once and something goes wrong, it’s hard to figure out what went wrong and repair it.

7.Check Copyscape for duplicate content

Often review a writer’s work on Copyscape before taking their work in your website.

This will inform you if any of the material is duplicated elsewhere on the internet. Duplicate content is frowned upon by Google, and if you use it, your search results will suffer.

You can also use “Copyscape” to see if someone else is using your material on their website.

8.Make sure your site is SSL Certified and HTTPS Secure

If the URL starts with “https” rather than “http,” the site is protected by an SSL certificate. A padlock icon in a web browser often means that a site uses an SSL certificate to provide a stable link.

It’s Vital to ensure that every website that handles any kind of  information must be SSL Certified.

WebSites that don’t follow these guidelines are vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves, and Google can even  warn users that your website fraudulent.

Wrapping up!

That’s what there is to it. Some common mistakes to avoid while working on your current or next website project.

Please let me know if there is anything I’m missing, and I’ll add it to a future list.

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