Tips to Grow Digital Marketing Agency

Tips to Grow Digital Marketing Agency

It’s one thing to start your own digital marketing agency, but growing the business is an entirely different story.

Many digital marketers and agencies reach their all-time high by following their own mantra for success. It’s an inspiring endeavour and one born from hard work and smart decision-making. This is what I’ll be discussing – how to grow your agency and increase your profit.So, Let’s check out Tips to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency.

1.One of the Top Tips to Grow Digital Marketing Agency is to Grow Your Network from the day One!.

If you can count the number of connections you have using only your hands, you better double your efforts in networking. To grow your agency, you need to put yourself out there and connect with people. Connections can provide you with a stream of referrals and serve as a handshake to your next clients.A couple of pointers when building your network:

  • Start Locally: Being in the same area serves as your common ground with local businesses. This makes it easier to introduce your digital marketing agency to them.
  • Focus on a specific niche: As tempting as it may be to win everyone, you need to focus on one niche first. The best approach to this is by targeting a niche that you’re an expert in.

2.Develop Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies

One of the biggest mistakes digital marketing agencies make is forgetting to look after their own brand and market themselves. You can’t grow your business if potential clients don’t even know who you are. This is why you need to set aside budget and time for inbound and outbound marketing to generate leads for your digital marketing agency.

Inbound marketing
 – This involves activities that allow you to get leads passively, where potential clients reach out to you.

  • SEO: Add unique, valuable content that will help your site become more visible. Use Google’s Search Console to determine queries you’re getting and build content that addresses these queries.
  • Pay-Per-Click: Target a specific area for your ads. Use remarketing to get more opportunities for conversions.
  • Social media: Join social media channels where most of your targeted leads are active. Look for groups and share content that will attract leads.
  • Content marketing: Create specialized content and lead magnets that serve the needs of your target clients.

Outbound marketing – This involves activities that allow you to get leads actively, where you make the first move to reach out to potential clients.

  • Cold emails: Automate email sequences with content that matches your lead’s stage in the buyer’s journey. Send cold emails at reasonable intervals to avoid spamming them.
  • Cold calls: Initiate the first phone call after sending an email—this is the point where you’re creating a warmer relationship and securing an appointment with a potential client.

3.Set your Price Right!

Yes! When starting a digital marketing agency, a big factor in your growth is offering the right value for your services. Some agencies fail in their ventures because they are not charging enough, while some go over the top with their charges.The charge for digital marketing services may vary for every agency. One way to set the right pricing for your services is by looking at what main competitors are offering. Check their average price and determine if this can cover your expenses and provide you with a reasonable profit.

Pro-tip: Don’t set your pricing too low just to please a few clients. Your pricing should justify the value that you’re giving.

4.Leverage partnerships with Internet influencers

Remember what I discussed about building your network? It’s not only for finding potential clients, but also for reaching out to influencers who can partner with your agencies.How do you leverage partnerships with influencers?

  • Host webinars or Facebook live sessions about topics of their expertise.
  • Ask them if they’re open to being an affiliate partner for your agency.
  • Write a guest post on their website—or ask if they can write one for your agency’s site.

Food for thought: Don’t hog all the benefits. When partnering with an influencer, it should be mutually beneficial.

5. Learn how to upsell to clients that have one-off projects

Yes, it’s important to find and close new clients. But, it’s also equally important to up-sell to clients who already purchased one-off projects from you. Up-selling allows you to open new revenue streams while providing additional value to clients.Here are some tips on up-selling:

  • Complement one service with another service: If a client bought web design, why not offer them SEO? Give them an introductory rate for your SEO services. Show them how you can rank their new website; if they’re happy with the results, offer to put them on a new SEO campaign for the following month.
  • Explain the value of using other solutions: Your clients need to understand what their dollar’s worth. Don’t just pitch a new solution—show them the value of using your service through milestones and potential returns to their business.
  • Only up-sell if the client needs it: Provide reasonable ground when up-selling, which means you need to justify why clients need your services. Don’t push clients into a purchase they don’t need today.

Over to you...

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to growing your digital marketing agency. The tips I shared above serve as a guide for your agency—how you reach that seven-digit revenue mark is entirely up to you.

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