The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads that actually works!

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads that actually works

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By Digitallydiv

The social media marketing revolution has allowed companies to enter a broader market than they ever believed they could. Facebook ads gives you the highest return on investment (ROI) of all social media sites, if you want the biggest bang for your buck. No wonder that, according to eMarketer, more than two thirds of companies worldwide are gearing up for more aggressive and strategic paid Facebook ads this year.

But there are businesses who can not leverage the full power of Facebook advertising simply because they are doing it wrong, considering the immense marketing potential that Facebook paid ads bring. This article will help you set up successful and “clickable” paid advertisements for Facebook.

“You are what you share.”
― Charles Leadbeater, We Think: The Power Of Mass Creativit

Facebook is basically a sanctuary for digital marketers and the like, with over 1 billion registered users worldwide. Organically reaching users, however, is more difficult than ever for companies, particularly with the recent algorithm update of the social media platform. But you can directly target your desired audience through Facebook paid advertisements and achieve better lead conversions.

An advertisement that works should have the following elements:


Target Audience

In social media marketing, one of the most common drawbacks is selecting the wrong target audience. Facebook has structured targeting strategies and instruments that concentrate on a number of demographics, such as place, interests, age, gender, and status of relationships. In addition, companies can refine their paid advertising on Facebook and target their customers directly through lookalike audiences.

The lookalike audience of Facebook is a digital segmentation tool that helps businesses identify individuals who have the same preferences or demographics on the web as their current followers and customers. The tool uses pixels on your website, which are codes that monitor visitors.

When deciding upon your lookalike sources, there are a lot of choices to choose from. Depending on the venue, top customers, installers, and the like, you can customise it. What’s crucial here is that at least 100 individuals should be part of your lookalike audience. For more precise matches, then strive for a smaller goal size.

Simple, But Strong Ad Title

When it comes to Facebook publicity, the ad title is important. You need to come up with a catchy explanation why your advertising should be clicked by people. What is more complicated is that you have to express it in 25 or fewer characters.

Facebook strongly recommends that you include the name of your company in your ad title, particularly if your goal is to achieve better brand awareness. As your customer would like to know how your brand will benefit them, your value proposition should also be clearly defined. Often, make sure you follow the capitalisation guidelines. It would seem like you are yelling or whispering to your audience if you have your messages in all the large caps or small caps.

Catchy Visual Content

The FB commercial should have visual content that catches the attention of your viewers. It works not only well with the algorithm of Facebook, but it has better appeal than your conventional written content. As a matter of fact, visual content is 40 percent more likely than other content types to be posted. And that applies to the commercials. Logos, icons, imaginative graphics, and text overlays encourage you to play around.

You should use logos and signs to connect with your audience, since Facebook only allows a defined space for texts. Highlight logos, for example, that align with your brand. It would also be best to keep everything, especially your graphics, to a minimum.

Overlaying the texts is another way of optimising the ad restrictions of the site. Facebook restricts up to 20 percent** of your ad space to the amount of text that you can place on your ad, which is why you need to make the most of it. In addition, your ad’s scope may be influenced by a disproportionate text to picture ratio. Run through your final picture

More Relevant CTA(Call-To-Action)

On a Facebook Ad (in the sidebar), the call-to-action (CTA) is the “Title” text in blue at the top of your Ad. This is the most significant aspect of your ad. Convincing people to click is the most important aspect of your ad. It will attract people’s attention if you have a good picture. But the CTA is where people can make their decision to stop and click in fact. The description text can help, but before they read it, most individuals would have already made their decision to press.

If you don’t have a simple call to action, all of your attempts to build a Facebook ad would be futile (CTA). You should offer a reason why your audience should click through after putting up a nice picture and a catchy title. That should be what your CTA is for. You should get creative and think outside of the box with your CTA, whether you give something free or ask a question.

You will generally consider your copy, your photos and their style when creating an ad, but even how your words appear to the audience is important. The text has a texture, and the length and word selection of the copy plays a role in an ad’s overall design.

Your target audience would feel called to act when it works, whether it’s engaging with your message, visiting your website, signing up for your newsletter or buying a product. You will produce the best calls-to-action (CTAs) for your Facebook ads using an understanding of Facebook advertisement benchmarks.

Landing page that is Linked to the Ad copy

The landing page you send Facebook users to is sometimes more important than the ad itself. With the right advertising, message, and call to action (CTA), you increase not only the number of clicks and conversions but also the time people spend viewing your site.

Let’s say you run a Finance company, and your services provide services such as home loans,  Business loans and Personal Loans . So if you have a great brand name in a business( Like Nike Or Channel), that means people know you don’t necessarily need a landing page, but you certainly need a landing page for your facebook ad if you’re starting a new company and nobody knows your name on the market.

But you have to keep a blog on your landing page that features an article about your services and customer satisfaction when making a Facebook ad. You will have to provide many more premium marketing incentives, such as a 20% discount for the first 10 customers, approved by a state government, and several more offers that you can provide.

A landing page is a perfect way to generate leads and raise your product’s brand recognition. These five points will teach you about the value of landing pages and help you enjoy their benefits.

1Landing Pages Increase Conversions

2.Landing Pages Improve Brand Awareness

3.Landing Pages Increase Credibility

4. Landing page Remove Distractions & can be used for Retargeting data

Wrapping Up

When it comes to social media marketing, there’s NO one-size-fits-all Or Cookie -Cutter strategy for all businesses. If you are looking for someone who can understand your brand and reinforce your digital marketing strategy, Digitallydiv Agency can help you. If you are keen on Facebook ads for your Business to contact us today for more details.

A Recent Facebook Update:  **As of September 2020, the 20% rule no longer applies, with Facebook suggesting 20% text in ads as a guide, as opposed to a formal rule.

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