Super Cyber Plan for Small Business

Are you a startup company or a small Business looking to grow their business? Our Super Cyber Plan for small business  is specially built to suit your needs perfectly.

Does My small/Local Biz Need this Super Cyber Package for Small Business?

Our answer is an emphatic YES. Investing in Comprehensive Social Media Marketing without having a strategy is like buying a car and not knowing how to drive. It’s like trying to use a printer without a cartridge, or ice-cream with out sugar . It’s like putting a Gorgeous lights in a house without electricity. Local and small Business need social media even more than ever. We think you get our point.

Social Media Marketing is an Important aspect of a startup OR a Small Business whether a B2B Or B2C brand. The reasons are many, Social media marketing helps Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness.

Creating a social media strategy includes setting marketing goals, choosing the right networks to use, and measuring your desired results. Your strategy ensures social media has a positive impact on your business. We at DigitallyDiv will chat with you about your business and its requirements and create a plan that will help your Business go BOOM!.

What's Included in the Super Cyber Package for Small Business plan.

1.Strategic Consulting Session : DigitallyDiv Agency will engage in monthly strategy session with you and your team. Relying on its first hand observations and outside/Third Eye perspective, DigitallyDiv Agency will identify potential areas where your company could improve day-to-day operations and offer actionable advice to optimize your biz's performance.
2.Social Media Platform Management : DigitallyDiv Agency will manage your Facebook, & Instagram/LinkedIn( your Chosen second Platform) Pages . DigitallyDiv Agency will keep these two platforms updated with content tailored to appeal to your ideal customers. DigitallyDiv Agency will operate these two social media platforms in a unified voice that reflects your company's unique brand, and will deliver a performance report at the beginning of monthly consulting session. We post good quality content ever single day fo weekday(Monday-Friday), with quality caption as per the client's brand Niche.
3.Facebook ads/Post Boosts : We will execute Two Facebook ad campaigns /Month+$50 Ad spend/Month as a traffic and lead generation strategy . Additional FB Ad spend/Budget is by the client and It's as per the Client’s budget arrangements.Our team will take care of Creating FB ad posts, Content/Ad Copy, any Tweaking required in optimising FB ad campaigns to deliver as many qualified leads to your website as possible.

4. Facebook page and Other Social platform Brand profiles Overhaul to improve visibility, Hashtag Research as per the client's Niche are included in the package.

Total cost only $499/Month

super cyber package for small Business
Facebook &Instagram accounts


We offer 2 networks Facebook & Instagram/LinkedIn( You have Option to select) account in Super Cyber Package.


  1. 5 POSTS/week(Monday-Friday)
  2. Relevant Brand Caption with each Post.
  3. We post in Facebook Biz page + Other chosen Social platform .
  4. Brand profiles Overhaul
  5. Two Unique FaceBook Ads/Month( High Quality Graphics and Copy) +No Ad spend OR FB Post Boost /Month +$40 Ad spend/Month*
  6. Hashtag Research
  7. One Monthly Strategic session
  8. Analytics Report/Month
  9. *Additional FB Ad spend/Budget is by the client and It's as per the Client’s budget arrangements
super cyber package for small Business
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Super Cyber Package for Small Business

Let’s build something together.

Super Cyber Package for Small Business

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