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5 Social Media Management Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow

5 Social Media Management Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow

5 Social Media Management Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow

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“You are what you share.”

― Charles Leadbeater

In today’s world full of Technology and gadgets , social media is one of the best ways for your business to stand out in its field and to reach a wider audience. 

Having an active presence on all major social networks, from Facebook to LinkedIn and beyond, is a necessity for any brand that wants to become an industry leader while engaging with its potential and current customers in new ways. 

However, social media can be overwhelming if you don’t have the proper knowledge or tools. 

Whether it’s to create or repurpose content, to find the best way to engage with your online community or to create a comprehensive posting schedule, having the right social media management tools is crucial to your success. 

Here are 5 of the best social media management tools currently available and how they can help you make the most of your social presence.

1. HootSuite

Top 5 Social Media Management Tools ,Whether you are a user handling multiple accounts, or an agency that handles hundreds is HootSuite.  

HootSuite makes it easy. It’s easy to add accounts, easy to schedule posts across all major platforms and easy to add account managers. 

In addition, the company also has a robust training platform that teaches not just the tools, but how to think about social marketing as a whole.

2. Hubspot 

While there are a lot of tools out there that let you monitor and publish to social accounts, we recommend platforms such as Hubspot where you can not only monitor and publish but also get closed-loop reporting data. 

That means you’re not just seeing what channels drive the most engagement, but you can track further down the funnel to see what posts and channels drive actual leads and sales

3. Buffer

I’m a fan of Buffer. It lets you schedule and manage social media posts across all of the most widely used channels, and you can individually customize each post for all of the different platforms it gets posted to. Buffer also shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day and tracks links so that you can see what content gets the most traction.  

4.Sprout Social

Many digital team utilizes Sprout Social for its social media management, which allows the team members to monitor clients’ social media mentions, engage with brand advocates, schedule content in advance, and utilize reporting tools to inform future strategies.

 5.Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the one tool that manages the social media well. 

Why? Because the data we gather from analytics focuses our efforts on the social media platforms that are driving traffic and conversions. Did we receive a ton of traffic from Reddit in the last month that converted to subscribers? Did we have a negative ROI on our Facebook ad spend? Google Analytics provides these answers and more.

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