Why are we so Expensive web designers:
Price to build a website at Digitallydiv Agency

Why are we so expensive

Let’s start with the fact ” We are not just web-designers , we are web-strategists as Well”. But, Why are we so expensive web designers?

We get it. Starting a Business and running a business can be Time and Money consuming .There are already many costs involved while starting a Business and running a business. So how can you justify spending $4K-10K on a brand new website?

Our  Price to build a website design start from $4099(+GST), with the average being around $5,000 – $9,000(+GST). For large companies, this jumps to $15,000+(+GST).

So, Why do we charge so much for website build? What's the Price to build a website Melbourne

It’s a fact for sure, we are quite high priced  than any other firms when it comes to building your website. We’re going to be honest; you don’t need to pay AUD 5k+ for a website. There are Agencies/Firms that would be able to charge $$1000 -$1900 to create a cheap &  easy websites. 

Then why would you pay more for a website?

It’s a really good question. We speak to lots of business owners who “tried to save money” by getting a cheap website. Little did they know that they’d need a new one after six months because it wasn’t bringing in any Leads.  We Build websites for only service-based Businesses with specific niches Like law firms, real estate, finance, property finance, Buyers Advocate , accounting, Vets, Dentists, Interior decorators, car sales Agents, Interior decorators, Architects & Biz/Life Coaches, we are mainly focused on getting more Leads, getting more lead magnet downloads or getting consultation and Booking requests.

Difference between Good & not-so good Website

The cost of a “Inexpensive” ( We don’t like to use the word Cheap)website could sound more enticing, to begin with, before you remember that it does not deliver customers. Then you’ll have to waste more time and spend more money on redesigning the website. That’s a real nightmare.We have also seen , many Biz Owners think that their website is just an Online brochure. But reality is Your website must be a Leads generating machine that helps to get more Leads and eventually more customers.


7 effective ways to market a service business

BTW, Why are we priced more than other Agencies Or Boutiques?

Over the years, we have learned that it is our Method that makes the most difference. The time and focus it takes to create your website is basically what makes it a success. Below, I’ve broken down the main areas of what we’re doing so you can see how different we are.

Firstly, We spend time understanding you & your Biz

We want to thoroughly understand your business and the needs of your clients before we start developing your website. We’re getting to know your business, your rivals, and where you’re in the market. This helps us to create a website that can genuinely talk to your guests and build confidence in your ideal prospects.

Without spending time thoroughly understanding your brand and your Biz needs , how can we ensure that your new website is customised to your beliefs and the needs of your customers?We see a lot of websites that perform poorly and never make a return on investment because they miss this first phase. They hurry on into the design stage without doing the analysis first.


We’ll provide relevant advise all through website creation Journey

After the initial Discovery Phase, we’re beginning to build your website with your ultimate target in mind – whether it’s growing revenue or collecting email addresses or even market awareness. We’re building websites that do what you want them to do. And to do this, we’re going to be blunt with our approach and recommendations.

We’ve recommended rewording company tag-lines – making it simpler what you’re doing, getting a famous home page lead magnet or a welcome snap.We’re going to say whether we don’t think anything is going to succeed, based on our years of experience creating websites that convert. At the end of the day, the decision is yours, but we find that our clients respect our relationship so much, and the mutual commitment it takes to accomplish their goals.

We will also help you on how to get the best out of your site. A website is not meant to exist in a vacuum! It needs to be ecological and ever-growing. We’re assisting with everything from content marketing to social media.

You’ll also have lots of question throughout the process and you’ll want someone to advise you. Chances are we’ve come across these questions before. Here are some common questions we get asked from day to day.

1.How do I collect emails from my website?
2.Should I employ a copywriter & Content writer to rewrite my text?
3.How can I guarantee that my traffic won’t go down when I go live with the new website?
4.Can we recruit a photographer to fulfil our team page 5. Do we need SEO for our website?

As said earlier,We’re here to give you guidance on what we agree is the right course of action. Some web designers will just “build” your website. Meaning they can take some vague ideas and turn it into your online brochure. And that is it. This may be a cheaper choice, but you might be left with a website that doesn’t look good and doesn’t work very well as well.

Every website we build Manifest uniqueness

The fact is , a lot of web designers don’t really design website and Use Pre-Made Templates or themes to build the website. They’ll only buy a Template from an online dealer for about a web designer and they use a Template, what do you really get for your money?

With us , Your Website is Unique in all ways:

Personally, we are not great fans of Templates, but we do use high-quality themes that are relevant to your niche  and modify them from scratch according to your needs. Our Website Copy is on-spot for your niche. Most of the time, we create all of our websites from scratch using page builders. Each one our clients has a special website built especially for their company and their own. Our Content is tailored in a manner that talks specifically to the target audience to keep them interested.

We treat your service pages like your homepage

We have seen and also have been told by our clients that most of the web builders concentrate more on Home page and leave the services pages with just a few words about the service offered. We operate differently, We will craft Home page and every service page of your website with great care.  At Digitallydiv Web Boutique, we make sure that every Service page is at  SEO score 70-80/100 and with min 600 words( Min words needed to get a good SEO score for a service page). Also, every service page is designed to generate leads.

To rank high on search engines, you’ll need to think about the content on these Service pages. What would your user/proposed Clients be searching for? and so on..

Examples of things we mostly include on your service page are:

1.An overview of your service: We will elaborate & Tweak your Given content to suit the niche.
2.Who the service is suitable for: Who we are bets fit for 
3.The main benefits of your service: Benefits always comes first.
4.How much it costs for your service: The price of your service offered/any discounts offered
5.Case studies and testimonials related to your service
6.The process/how you carry out the service
7.Frequently asked questions about your service: FAQs the important element.
8.Related content such as blog posts, podcast episodes, guides, videso etc. 

Your website is not just online Brochure , it will do the selling for you.

Our website has a job to do. It’s all well and good having a “nice looking” website but it needs to generate customers & leads. In a nutshell, your website must be a Leads generating machine.

We would design your website with a particular intent in mind. We’re going to take the knowledge from our analysis and create your pages in a way that appeals directly to your target group. We will then use some reminders and vocabulary on your website to inspire your prospects to take the next move with you.This is the perfect way to turn more of the guests into enquiries and transactions.

Other web designers can not take the time to create a conversion-focused website. They could skip this step altogether, and you’re likely to miss out on revenue. 

We'll provide soft Training on how to use your Website for minor updates...

Take our words, If your website is going to be effective, you will need complete access to add, edit and delete stuff with a moment’s notice. After we’ve designed your new website, we’ll show you how to make your own changes. You can have direct access to the dashboard of your website so that you can make updates anytime you feel like it.In a Nutshell, You own your website completely. 

We have heard stories like how other Web-design Agencies charge to make even make minor changes like adding a new team member to your Meet the Team/bout us page. Some web design firms do not allow you access to your website. They will want to keep the site under control and ask you to make improvements. We see this all the time, and in some cases, it could cost hundreds of dollars to make small improvements.And even if they grant you access to it, you won’t really know how to do it. Not too helpful at all.

We equip your website with the best tools

We provide all the best online tools to make your website perfect for your business needs.

Your website will come fully equipped with all the best features such as easy landing page software, social media sharing capabilities, and much more. We buy all the relevant plugins and set them up, so you don’t have to. Some other web design companies will give you the bare minimum. They will only install free plugins that come with limited functionality. These plugins may slow your website down and cause issues later down the line.

There’s a lot of free tools and plugins out there, particularly when it comes to WordPress, but we want to invest in the right Plugins for the websites we’re making.We don’t give just SEO service, but we do invest heavily in SEO resources and tools such as SEM Rush, AHRefs, and Majestic SEO. This helps us to determine where our clients can boost their rankings so that we can make sure their traffic improves when we update their pages.

We also invest in tools our clients can use, such as Thrive Themes or Cart flow (which helps you build amazing sales funnels). And if we do use plugins on our clients’ websites, we invest in a lot of paid plugins. For example, there are tons of free contact form plugins out there, but we recently purchased a pro license for WP Forms to use on our clients’ sites. You must be wondering: Why are we paying for Plugins and tools instead of free versions? Well, for us paid Plugins are typically more exact, better, and trusted.

Your website will be Search Engine Optimised

If you want to be found online, search engines CANNOT be treated as an afterthought. We have much of experience with search engine optimisation (SEO), and we’ll need to be very careful when creating your new website to ensure it’s built to be search engine friendly.

Before Google lists you high up on the search results, they will want to see your website meets certain criteria.

There are so many important factors that can impact your search engine rankings such as:

  • Image file names
  • Page URLs
  • Page Headings
  • Alt Texts
  • Image size Optimisation
  • SEO meta Description
  • and many more

    Some other agencies will NOT consider search engine requirements when building your website, and you could end up paying for it later. For more informations on SEO and why you might not be ranking highly in Google, Contact us. You’ll want to make sure your web designer has this covered and delivers a lightweight, well-optimised website.

SEO Melbourne

Wraping Up

We are pretty much sure after reading this post you’ll be able to understand why we charge more than other web design companies

The process we use to build your website is proven to work.No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll need to go through exactly the same steps to create a website that works FOR you rather than against you.

This process takes time which is why we’re more expensive. But it’s worth it. Especially when you read some of the reviews, we receive from our clients. Have you ever paid for a “cost-effective” ( we don’t like to use the word Cheap!! )website to be built? How did you find the service you received? we’d love to hear from you; please leave a comment below.

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