Pinterest Marketing strategy for service business (with No Spend on Ads )

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pinterest marketing strategy for service business
Creating a Pinterest strategy for your business is the best thing to do.. In this Blog, let’s look at some smart & Cool ways to use Pinterest for marketing for your Service-based Business...
Pinterest marketing

Most of the Service-based Small Business Owners try to make every dollar stretch as far as they can :- even in their marketing budget. Many small business owners typically focus on things seen as more important than social media. However, some social media platforms have incredible reach that you don’t want to neglect. Pinterest has over 300 Million  active monthly users in 2021, and 94 percent of top brands use the platform. If you’re looking to use Pinterest to market your small business without spending too much, We have created a list of ideas to help boost your website Traffic and grow your business.

Pinterest , did you say? If you are thinking its just the go-to  place to find cooking recipes , Makeup stuff and ideas for home decor? think again it’s more than that. 

Pinterest has actually made a name for almost anything you could find as a visual search engine, hosting tonnes of photographs, graphics or links. This means that Pinterest is a  “HOT” platform for  any Service business,  be it Real estate Agencies  , Interior Decorator, Dentists,Business coaches, Finance or vet Practice, with a visual aspect to your business. In reality, 55% of users are on the platform to specifically take pictures of new products/Services, before/after pics, Quotes, Tips and Hacks, Advices , How to Posts  and the platform to absolutely perfect to  drive traffic to your service-based website.

 Creating  a Pinterest strategy for your Service-based business is the best thing to do.. In this Blog, let’s look at some smart & Cool ways to use Pinterest for marketing for your Service-based Business.

Knowing the Pinterest Algorithm-Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Service Business

A search engine is Pinterest. It’s so straightforward. That means that a pins ranking algorithm is established.We know that Google SEO is somewhat similar to  many key ranking factors of Pinterest SEO

In this sense, the best way to market and expand your brand on Pinterest is to find a balance between the use of strong SEO signals and the creation of useful, emotional or thoughtful content that satisfies the desire of searchers( a.k.a Search Intent of the Searchers)

1. Create a Pinterest Biz Account and Claim Your website

This is a crucial step. Confirming your website will enable you to see what other users pin from your website, add your Pins Logo, and enhance the search results for your Pins.

If you are using wordPress Read this Article for step-by-step process to verify your wordPress website

2.Create boards with keywords in your title

We usually see that this is one of the things that Pinterest users don’t do properly. It’s almost as important for your Pins to use your board titles and descriptions as keywords.

Boards can be searched, even if people aren’t very often looking for boards. Furthermore, the Pinterest algorithm sees the keywords used in the boards to determine and classify the content.

A description is added to a board in just a few minutes. Just think about how you would describe somebody’s content in the board, and make sure there are your keywords.

3.Build relevant links back to your website or blog.

For your blog post, you created a pin. In your Pinterest account, you are the first person to add your blog post to a board. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, this step is not required. Your post does not appear in Pinterest at this point, however. You created only a pin to be used by somebody.

Specifically create a Pinterest Board for your blog posts. This facilitates finding your blog posts and even tracking your blog board for your followers. Make your blog board name equal to the title of your blog. For example, you can call your Pinterest blog Board the same as your blog name, such as “RealEstate Tips” or ” My Pets Blog,” and if you are a vet Practice and want to spread the word via Pinterest. make sure Link your Blog article/Blog Link in the pin.

It is more likely to show in search engines if you name your Pinterest board with keywords.

4. Make Multiple Pins for the Same Article

Most people make an image header for a post. All that’s fine, but you miss out on valuable traffic if you miss the keywords mark, or your pin is buried.

We always advise you to produce more than one pin per item. It does not take the time to create additional pins as the first one. You simply have to change the background image or the text a bit.

You can test various keywords and descriptions and take various hashtags to reach a much broader public by creating more than one pin.

5.Add the Pin-it Button in your Blog post

The pin It button can be used to pin your blog post easily. If you add the button to your website, you supply all pin description information. Your blog visitor can quickly and easily click the button and pin your post.

You must add the Pin-It button individually to every blog post, unlike other social media sharing buttons. That is a little extra work, but setup and installation only take a few minutes.

6. Track Traffic to Your Blog from Pinterest

Now Your blog appears as Pin in your key word specific Boards .Other people see your pin, and they will click your blog post if it is interesting. You can also replace your blog post to share with the followers

You can track traffic from Pinterest to your blog post in several ways. Use the tools you have on your blog to monitor the traffic. For example, in a WordPress blog or Google Analytics blog stats can be used in JetPack.

7.Build authority on your topic by curating boards with great relevant content

Now you are ready to start creating boards and begin pinning: give users the chance to find them and give them a reason to follow them. But keep it in mind. This requires a thorough, strategic approach, as with any social media platform, to increase successfully the reach, followers and eventually the sales; it demands a marketing strategy from Pinterest. Pin Other Business’s Pins ( that are suitable to your Industry).  

8. Make sure Fresh Content Flowing Through Your Boards

New and Fresh pins and consistency are half the game in Pinterest. You want more content to be uploaded  to be  rewarded. It could not literally be easier or faster if you were to use Tailwind. You can load dozens of pins a day in advance for weeks and simply set them and forget about them.

It is better to share the information of others than nothing if you don’t have much content of your own yet. The stronger the keyword signal and relevance these pins will have in the search results, the greater the content of your panels.

9. Write Search Engine Optimised Pin Description

It’s like writing a summary or an extract of your blog to write your pin description. Tell people always about the advantage of reading more. The description of your pin should be:

1.tell people what to expect in your Blogpost

2.Leave some mystery so people would like to read more.

3.Enter all appropriate search terms for the Blogpost.

While the pin description can contain up to 500 characters, shortening is better always. In your description, you can also enter a web address and hashtags. Hashtags are search words beginning with the hash symbol (#).For instance, if you include in your designation the Hashtag “#Realestate,”  Or # Digitalmarketing , you can immediately search through the Hashtag by clicking on it.

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When it comes to SEO, Your pins on Pinterest are nofollow backlinks. However, you can improve your SEO using Pinterest simply by:

1.Creating and sharing content that Pinners are most likely to click on
2.Having visually appealing board covers
3.Using the right keywords while naming boards, in board descriptions, and pin descriptions.
4.Being an active user: Be sure to pin more than 5-6 times a day.

In any online marketing strategy, Pinterest must form part of it. This is only so important. It’s an easy way to communicate with, promote and build your online presence, with your audience. By using the above tips we covered, all kinds of business can be promoted and the huge public of content-hungry Pinterest users who are looking for what you offer…

Over to you…

What are your thoughts? Have you found an audience for your blog on Pinterest? Have you created customised images for your posts on Pinterest? What is working well for you? Share your insights and experiences in the box below.


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