LinkedIn for Business [Everything You Need to Know]

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LinkedIn for Business
LinkedIn for enterprise helps you to gain reputation, create a meaningful network and gather insider expertise from well-known industry experts.
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LinkedIn for enterprise helps you to gain reputation, create a meaningful network and gather insider expertise from well-known industry experts.

LinkedIn is used for business by over 30 million businesses. Not only because it is the leading social network to hire and recruit highly skilled individuals. More and more LinkedIn marketing is being used to network, communicate and sell with more than 690 million members.

For all company sizes and forms, from small to large and B2B to B2C, there are LinkedIn marketing tools. This guide will show you how you can use LinkedIn for your business, equip you with the right tools and make the most of your marketing strategy.

So,How to use LinkedIn for Businesses?


There are many ways You can use LinkedIn to Grow your Business

1.Create Business/Company Page.

2.Join groups related to your industry and/or start your own group.

3.Build your following by promoting your LinkedIn page.

4.Share and create content posts that are relevant to your following and that promote your business.

5.Showcase Pages also promotes your products and brands.

6.Create sponsored ads to further promote your brand and products.

1. Create LinkedIn company page for your Business

The above list of LinkedIn for Business Everything You Need to Know is significant when it comes to LinkedIn marketing. Firstly, having a company page helps potential customers learn more about your business, brand, products, services and job opportunities. To create a LinkedIn company page, you’ll need a personal LinkedIn account and a verified email address. LinkedIn guides you through the steps of creating a company page, and if you have questions, you can always visit LinkedIn’s help page. Once you’ve created your page, you can start editing it.

“Active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say, ‘Look at me!’ without saying ‘Look at me!”― Bobby Darnell

2. Join Other Groups( Niche Relevant/Business) and create your Own LinkedIn group

Once you create a company and career page, it’s time to promote your business on LinkedIn. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a LinkedIn group connected to your company page.To create a group, you’ll need to add a title, logo and description. Then you need to determine your group’s rules. You can join existing LinkedIn Groups that fit your interests, such as a Recruiters group if you run a Recruitment agency Or a Recruiter in a Firm

Build your following by promoting your LinkedIn page.

1.Get More followers.

Publishing and sharing content is pointless if no one is seeing it. You should constantly seek out new followers on LinkedIn. You can post a widget to your LinkedIn page on your website, add your LinkedIn information to your email signature and have staff members promote the company page on their personal accounts. You can also add your LinkedIn information on your business cards.

“Make sure your LinkedIn profile has a targeted headline. Not only should the headline clearly state your career focus, it’s also the most important place to add a keyword or two, because this influences how you appear in search results”― Melanie Pinola

2. Publish and share relevant content.

As with any successful marketing campaign, you need to know who your audience is and what they want to see on LinkedIn. It’s important to publish and share content that benefits your followers – not just content that promotes your company.

Do not be overly self-promotional,” -Kyra Mancine, social media specialist at Oldcastle. “

Only 20% of your posts should be sales driven. You want to provide content that is helpful, informational and interesting. Think about what you like to see in your feed. No one likes to be sold [to] or see commercials all the time. Over promotion is a serious pitfall of social media, and one that could cost you followers and engagement.

3. Set up a content calendar.

Publishing regularly is key for any successful social media account. It is recommended that setting up a content calendar for your posts, because it’s important to be consistent. An easy way to set up a content calendar is through a social media tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite

“Your LinkedIn profile must be consistent with how you portray yourself elsewhere. Not only should your official résumé match the experience you list on LinkedIn, but it also should be consistent with Twitter and public Facebook information.”― Melanie Pinola,

But don’t overdo sharing of your content in social media . Many companies just start posting away. You’ll see engagement spike initially, then people start tuning you out. Only share things that are impactful

4. Vary what you post, and capitalise on holidays.

Seeing the same thing repeatedly becomes annoying. Switch it up and post a nice mixture of visual, video and regular articles. It is recommended that playing off special holidays or the time of year is a solid plan. There are so many days that are celebrated on social media now – National Coffee Day, and so on. Nine times out of 10, you can come up with a creative way to tie your business into those days. For Instance, if you’re in Coffee cafe Business , you’d do well to know that August is Coffee Month and to schedule posts around that throughout the month

5. Use tracking and analytics.

The best way to offer relevant content to your audience is knowing what they want. By monitoring and tracking past posts, you’ll determine what works and what doesn’t. LinkedIn’s Company Page analytics allows you to evaluate engagement on your posts, identify trends, understand your follower demographics and learn more about your page traffic

6. Experiment with video and photos.

LinkedIn has a video and photo feature. Within the mobile app, you can take a video or photo and post it to your timeline. In March 2018, LinkedIn introduced filters and a couple of text styles to its video feature. Filters include “Work High Five,” “Side Hustle” and “On the Air.” 

You can share a behind-the-scenes look of your company or highlight new information on products and services. Video is also five times more likely to drive member engagement than other media types on LinkedIn, so get shooting!

7. Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

Using LinkedIn Showcase Pages to highlight your brand is one of the top recommendations. With Showcase Pages, you’re able to spotlight specific parts of your business and share content to a targeted audience. A Showcase Page is an extension of your company’s LinkedIn profile,. They allow your organization to generate additional content and publish messaging that is highly relevant to subsets of your target audience. 

8. LinkedIn for Business : Use sponsored ads

As on other social media platforms, you can create sponsored ads on LinkedIn. Sponsored ads cost money, but they are more effective than regular content because you can target a specific audience.  There’s a lot of freedom and customisation available with this feature, You can select the geographic range you want your ad to target, the ages of the audience you’re seeking, the profession and industries of the audience you’re seeking, and more.

Contact DigitallyDiv if you need  help with LinkedIn Marketing.

A LinkedIn group is a great place to build an engaged community surrounding your business and to grow your online community

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