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Is digital marketing and affiliate marketing same ? The Effective Guide to do Affiliate Marketing For Any Niche Website

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Is digital marketing and affiliate marketing same ? The Effective Guide To Do Affiliate Marketing For Any niche Website- the complete Beginners Guide.

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Is digital marketing and affiliate marketing same?

Digital marketing is about advertising via digital means and technologies. Whereas affiliate marketing encompasses promoting other products to obtain a commission every time someone buys that certain product through you.

Affiliate marketing is about the association and connection between a vendor, affiliate marketer, and buyer. These are the major three agents of this.

In digital marketing, you could concede a product. You could also promote it on social media or recruit someone to do this for you. You can perform SEO over your site or take on a specialist to do this.

Conclusively, digital marketing is a boundless and extensive field and affiliate marketing is just a fragment or part of digital marketing. Whenever we talk about digital marketing vs affiliate marketing this is a point worth considering.

If you’re deliberate about what you should decide on or choose: digital marketing or affiliate marketing then it solely depends on your interest and expertise. For instance, if you like social media or search engine marketing and have good analytical skills then without hesitation you should opt for digital marketing.

And if you are persuasive or good at convincing/compelling people and have problem-solving and decision-making skills then you can choose affiliate marketing also.

Both of these fields are expanding continuously and giving rise to plenty of earning opportunities.

Digital marketing and affiliate marketing are flourishing and prospering and you cannot object or assume this one is better and that one is not.

It is not about digital marketing versus affiliate marketing or which one is better. It is all about what you’re more involved or captivated by and where your proficiency lies. There are ample great career opportunities in both fields.

Affiliate Marketing is completely a different thing but it is a part of Digital Marketing. You will understand the concept by reading this..

Affiliate marketing is known as a marketing technique in which single business rewards single or more affiliates or publishers for bringing customers or visitors through various affiliate marketing ways. In other words, as an affiliate or publisher, when you support someone’s business by promoting their products or services and earn commission for that, is known as affiliate marketing.


Affiliate’s sell other people’s products to earn a commission.

Affiliate’s sell other people’s products to earn a commission. They might also use digital marketing to promote and sell their products.

A digital marketer can also be an affiliate marketer; or they can sell their skills to businesses to help a business build a larger customer base through digital marketing activities.

Affiliate marketers specifically sell products and services (which they don’t own) over the internet for a commission.

“Digital marketer” refers to the ability to use digital marketing skills to promote anything online. Affiliates sell products online for other people, in many different ways and by using various strategies.


Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance marketing strategy that is based on sales and leads. You have affiliates who link to your page.

If a visitor buys your product through that particular link, you give the affiliate a certain percentage of that sale. The biggest advantage of Affiliate Marketing is that it has minimum risk as you only pay for the work.

You can also measure which links work and which don’t, which can help you to determine your future strategy with respect to your affiliate marketers. 

In simple words, the concept of affiliate marketing is to promote other people’s products through an affiliate network and earn commission if people actually buy the product. The entire Affiliate concept is based on revenue sharing.


The Effective Guide To Do Affiliate Marketing For Any niche Website

As the Global Pandemic still hovering around us, with many Brick-&-Mortar Stores and Business Falling Apart- Online Marketing is gaining its Momentum in a Bigger Way. Many brands are coming up with Innovative Ideas to reach their Audience. We are seeing a lot of brands and influencers inventing new challenges for their audience and community to get more exposure and to create more awareness for their brand. 

However, after observing this trend closely, we have also noticed some brands and influencers failing miserably. The Ultimate Guide To Advertise Your Brand With “Challenges” On Social Media, showcases some of the Tried and Trusted methods purely based on our research, knowledge, and experiences. We would like to know more about this topic from your perspective as well.

So here are the steps –

Create a challenge for a specific niche

If you are a small startup or a small business, and you don’t have the Huge marketing budget to invest in bigger influencers, create a challenge that only targets a small specific niche. This is something, a lot of brands are currently doing. Some brands would even dedicate their entire content on these specific niches. The benefit of doing this is simple, you are competing in a less crowded and less competitive field..

How to find a niche?

I would suggest finding a niche that is somewhat connected to your own niche. So, you can turn people into your potential customers that came across your brand from the other niche. I would link to my other Blog on finding a niche for marketing your brand.

The challenge should be fun-filled, challenging, and relevant.

Most of the challenges fail to create even a little bit of buzz because they miss one of these or all three of these elements. In simple words, create a FOMO feeling in your target audience. It’s not super easy to do, But you use these below elements in your challenge to make them more Challenging per se.

Firstly, make sure your challenge is actually fun. To find out if your challenge is fun or boring, ask yourself, would you get excited to do this challenge? You can also look at other successful challenges in the past and find out the “fun” element in them. So, you get a better idea of how to do it.

Secondly, make sure your challenge is indeed “challenging” to the Audience. This is very important, your challenge should not be super easy, your challenge should not be impossible to do, instead, it should be challenging, kinda like the video game, call -Of-Duty or other game for that matter.

The best example of this would be the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”. It was not super easy to do, it was also not impossible to do, but it was challenging for sure. Lastly, make sure your challenge is relevant. Relevant to the niche you are targeting, relevant to your current time and situation in your city, country, or world. If you are creating a challenge based on a specific niche then the last element, being relevant is really important.

Keep A Purpose:


Don’t just create Challenge, make it more Purposeful for the Audience. Challenges need not always raise funds Or awareness of a cause. They can also spread goodwill and Values. Like for Example THE 7-DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE Or #HappyHundred days. These kinds of challenges help people to look around and find the things they’re happy about – whether it’s family and friends, good Pizza, or an awesome Coffee cafe

The Final nail – the Promotion

You have your creative challenge ready to be spread across and the final step is to promote your challenge. There are few catchy ways to do it and most of them require you to invest your money in it. Firstly, you can promote your challenge through influencers that people look up to in that specific niche. The benefit of paying an influencer of any specific niche, even if they have small following compared to other general influencers, is that all of their audience and community belong to that specific niche. 

So, it’s easier to influence the maximum number of people in that niche. Another method is Investing in Social media Ads( A.K.A paid Social ). Paid Social are an Important segment in Social media promotion Be it Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, or even Page likes.

If we are on the same page about the concept that explained here then why not create a Challenge?. Create a simple sample challenge based on this concept. It does not necessarily have to be super awesome, but we would like others to see the potential of these methods through the sample Challenges. Also, share your thoughts on this concept or on “challenges” on social media.

If You are Looking at Growing Your Brand Awareness across Social media channels. Contact us today before Its too late.

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