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How to get international clients for digital marketing- 5 Effective Tips to Grow Digital Marketing Agency

How to get international clients for digital marketing- 5 Effective Tips to Grow Digital Marketing Agency

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It’s one thing to start your own digital marketing agency, but growing the business is an entirely different story.

As a digital marketer, I can say , this industry has grown more important to businesses especially with what’s happening to the world today. The COVID-19 pandemic brought businesses of all sizes to their knees.

Thousands of businesses in the United States alone closed down due to this pandemic.

Since it will take a long time to get back to our normal lives, we’re all introduced to a whole new consumer. This consumer is the effect of people being indoors that led them to change their overall lifestyle. People have spent more time online than ever before.

Consumers now rely on what they see online with their purchasing decisions. With that in mind, businesses of all sizes are forced to market their products and services to more flexible channels.

More businesses are now opting to put up their own websites because of the pandemic to continue serving their customers and reach more.

Despite the decrease or marketing budgets due to the COVID-19, the expenditures for digital marketing have significantly upped. Why? Most brick-and-mortar shops closed down, fairs, conventions, expos, trade shows, workshops, and flea markets are all canceled last March due to the pandemic.

Everyone in the business industry has gone virtual to continue building their brands and continue generating incomes.

Digital marketing offers different marketing channels online than traditional marketing that is why it will easily find clients in the next coming years.

How to get international clients for digital marketing- Tips to Grow Digital Marketing Agency

First you learn digital marketing strategies and start implement them on your business. Once you understand and implement digital marketing you will be able to generate leads from around the world.

Start from local businesses, offer them landing pages and websites at an affordable price. It would help you to gain connections.

Furthermore, if your  friends and family owns a business or anybody in your sight, study their business and look for the changes they would get if they go online.

You can even offer somebody that you’ll provide them a website for free and if they get results, they can pay you a low amount than other agencies.

This would be no loss to you even if you don’t succeed to gain any monetary benefit from them, rather than it would be helpful to get experience to handle clients in the future and understanding their problems. It would also help in building trust between you and your client and they might recommend other businesses to work with you in the future.

These are the easiest and one of the effective ways in which you can start a digital marketing agency from scratch.

Companies will trust your if your own website and business has strong digital strategies implemented and you are ranking well on various networks.

Following strategies will be good for international leads:

  1. Implement SEO for your website
  2. Use PPC targeting specific country
  3. Write Quora Answers on your topic to get authority
  4. Use Quora ads
  5. Be active on LinkedIn and use LinkedIn ads
  6. Be active on FB and use FB ads.

Tips on getting More Clients for your Digital marketing Business

Having a digital marketing agency is really a great thing considering the digitalized future of the world.

You have already taken the best step towards making a great career.

However, it is no cakewalk to carve your niche in the marketplace, where the competition has rocketed sky-high.

To gain clients is what every business wants that is surely the basic purpose of having a business in place.

However, to get it going you will have to start from somewhere.

Well, here is a list of activities that you can perform to help find and gain more clients for your digital marketing agency.

The start

At the beginning, you will have to concentrate on making a great profile that might grab the attention of your clients in the first go.

Thus having a strong profile is a MUST!

So, I would suggest starting with mentioning your skillsets, your certifications, and most importantly, you expertise and some hands-on experience along with a few testimonials is possible.

Make a note here, the hands-on experience is extremely important here so as to help your future clients see what you can do for them and gain trust on your capabilities. Nobody would blindly go for anyone new in the marketplace.

Where to acquire this hands-on experience?

Working with smaller projects and clients for a start

This is how everybody begins. Bigger clients are not an easy bet here.

So, better approach your neighbourhood or local restaurants, or salons, or any other small business in the niche that you have decided to work for.

Work hard to convince them and offer them your digital marketing services in your best capacity, help them achieve growth and their desired results and then ad this performance to your profile that would certainly act as the best of the real-time experience.

Promoting your business

You need to make the most of all the possible platforms that you could possibly use to promote your business just like you would do for your clients.

And fortunately, there are many online and offline platforms available like:

  • Freelancing websites like Up work, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, etc.
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Offline networking events
  • Seminars
  • Workshops, etc.

Make the most of all your capabilities to reach out to the target clients by working harder.

Once you gain access to them, then promote or pitch for your business proposal to them in a very shorter (not longer than 30 seconds) and a to-the-point format.

This will help them understand and take interest in your proposal as it would be easy for them to understand it in a concise way.

Making the right proposal is as much important as to finding the right clients for your business.

With the industry getting more result-oriented, you need to make sure you work really harder on your existing clients, however small they might be, to offer them with their desired growth and thus boosting your confidence and your portfolio sa well.

How can I grow my Digital Agency?

It’s one thing to start your own digital marketing agency, but growing the business is an entirely different story.

How can I grow my digital agency? Is one of the main questions every digital marketing agency wants to know. So, How do you grow  agency business?Many digital marketers and agencies reach their all-time high in growth and profits  by following their own mantra for success. It’s an inspiring endeavour and one born from hard work and smart decision-making. This is what I’ll be discussing – how to grow your agency and increase your profit. So, Let’s check out Tips to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency.


1.One of the Top Tips to Grow Digital Marketing Agency is to Grow Your Network from the day One!.


If you can count the number of connections you have using only your hands, you better double your efforts in networking. To grow your agency, you need to put yourself out there and connect with people. Connections can provide you with a stream of referrals and serve as a handshake to your next clients.A couple of pointers when building your network:

Start Locally: Being in the same area serves as your common ground with local businesses. This makes it easier to introduce your digital marketing agency to them.
Focus on a specific niche: As tempting as it may be to win everyone, you need to focus on one niche first. The best approach to this is by targeting a niche that you’re an expert in.

Use Facebook Groups: There are two business-related ways to use Facebook groups. You can either start your own community or join one that already exists.Let’s begin by discussing how to use your own Facebook party.Determine the function of your community as one of the first things you can do. 

Even if you’re starting this group as a marketing tool, it must be centred on a single subject. People want to chat about their passions, challenges, and desires, not just about the services you offer . 

Make a community around your digital marketing service by finding out how it serves a need for Instance Online marketing Trends, website design Insight Or something like Learn digital marketing to Grow your business. Digitallydiv Agency has their own FB Group –Online Marketing Info Group. Feel Free to Join the Group for better Insight about online marketing.


2.Develop Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies


One of the biggest mistakes digital marketing agencies make is forgetting to look after their own brand and market themselves. You can’t grow your business if potential clients don’t even know who you are. This is why you need to set aside budget and time for inbound and outbound marketing to generate leads for your digital marketing agency.

Inbound marketing – This involves activities that allow you to get leads passively, where potential clients reach out to you.

SEO: Add unique, valuable content that will help your site become more visible. Use Google’s Search Console to determine queries you’re getting and build content that addresses these queries.

Pay-Per-Click: Target a specific area for your ads. Use Re-marketing to get more opportunities for conversions.

Leverage Social media: Join social media channels where most of your targeted leads are active. Look for groups and share content that will attract leads.

Content marketing: Create specialised content and lead magnets that serve the needs of your target clients.

Outbound marketing – This involves activities that allow you to get leads actively, where you make the first move to reach out to potential clients.

Cold emails: Automate email sequences with content that matches your lead’s stage in the buyer’s journey. Send cold emails at reasonable intervals to avoid spamming them.

Cold calls: Initiate the first phone call after sending an email—this is the point where you’re creating a warmer relationship and securing an appointment with a potential client

3.Set your Price Right!


Yes! When starting a digital marketing agency, a big factor in your growth is offering the right value for your services. Some agencies fail in their ventures because they are not charging enough, while some go over the top with their charges.The charge for digital marketing services may vary for every agency. One way to set the right pricing for your services is by looking at what main competitors are offering. Check their average price and determine if this can cover your expenses and provide you with a reasonable profit.

Pro-tip: Don’t set your pricing too low just to please a few clients. Your pricing should justify the value that you’re giving.

4.Leverage partnerships with Internet influencers


Remember what I discussed about building your network? It’s not only for finding potential clients, but also for reaching out to influencers who can partner with your agencies.How do you leverage partnerships with influencers?

Host webinars or Facebook live sessions about topics of their expertise.
Ask them if they’re open to being an affiliate partner for your agency.
Write a guest post on their website—or ask if they can write one for your agency’s site.
Food for thought: Don’t hog all the benefits. When partnering with an influencer, it should be mutually beneficial.

5. Learn how to upsell to clients that have one-off projects


Yes, it’s important to find and close new clients. But, it’s also equally important to up-sell to clients who already purchased one-off projects from you. Up-selling allows you to open new revenue streams while providing additional value to clients.Here are some tips on up-selling:

Complement one service with another service: If a client bought web design, why not offer them SEO? Give them an introductory rate for your SEO services. Show them how you can rank their new website; if they’re happy with the results, offer to put them on a new SEO campaign for the following month.
Explain the value of using other solutions: Your clients need to understand what their dollar’s worth. Don’t just pitch a new solution—show them the value of using your service through milestones and potential returns to their business.
Only up-sell if the client needs it: Provide reasonable ground when up-selling, which means you need to justify why clients need your services. Don’t push clients into a purchase they don’t need today.

Over to you…


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to growing your digital marketing agency. The tips I shared above serve as a guide for your agency—how you reach that seven-digit revenue mark is entirely up to you.

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