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Top 10 ways to capture website Leads

Top 10 ways to capture website Leads

Crush Your Competition With any of these top 10 Lead Magnets -A lead magnet is essentially a bribe or something of worth that you send to a visitor in return for their email address

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About 96 per cent of website users, according to HubSpot, are not ready to make a purchasing decision on their first visit to a website.

These tourists( Ya, we call them web tourists) are not insignificant. Not in the first few Interactions with your website at least.

All you have to do now is figure out how to keep in contact with these people before they’re ready to buy.

So, how do you go about doing this?

First and foremost, you must convert these visitors from unknown strangers to leads.

You must specifically obtain these individuals’ email addresses.

How do you do it?

This is usually accomplished by the use of a lead magnet.

What are Lead Magnets?


A lead magnet is essentially a bribe or something of worth that you send to a visitor in return for their email address.

The following are some of the most popular lead magnets in use, as well as some of my opinions on how to use them.

1.Free Report

A white paper and a free report are somewhat close. In essence, you’re exchanging a PDF for an email address. However, the text itself has a bit more drama and excitement about it in this situation.

For instance, We offer a free report called “Steps to Create Conversion Ready website for your Service Business” 

At the end of the day, it’s an article we wrote, but the title and angle intrigue and excite a little more than a dull old White Paper.

2.Cheat Sheet / Checklist

Putting yourself in your prospects’ shoes is one of the keys to a strong Lead Magnet. 

When you do, you’ll discover that they’re frequently pressed for time and are often eager to read a lengthy article or paper.

Instead, they can simply need the greatest amount of knowledge in the shortest amount of time.

A cheat sheet, a checklist, or even a basic flow chart will help with this.

3.Branded Newsletter Signup

Not Just a Newsletter, a branded newsletter.

At Digitallydiv we call it Meh To Magic and the Buzz  Or the Bits & Bytes newsletter.

Occasionally, the Newsletter will act as a lead magnet. If you can make the Newsletter sound useful, Interesting and emphasise the advantages of signing up for it, it will help.

4.Restricted Content

When the value of the site’s content is high enough, you can often sell it in return for the visitor’s email address.

For Instance, in many Real Estate websites:  accessing listing information on a commercial real estate website includes the visitor’s name and email address. Or In. any news Channels  Or any Scholarly Blogs

5.Wheel of Fortune

The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is another amusing concept I’ve seen. 

This is a piece of code that you instal on your website that allows you to give away various prizes, some of which can be very valuable, in return for the user’s email address.

The programme stores a cookie on the user’s computer so that they can only spin the wheel once, and an algorithm is set up to allow the ‘big prise’ draw very infrequently if desired. 

This is something I haven’t done myself, but it’s available through OptinMonster.


Webinars are another website conversion strategy. Many third-party providers can assist you in creating automated webinars. 

To put it another way, you just have to film the event once and then let people watch it whenever they want.

The reality is that the majority of people who sign up for a webinar never watch it. 

However, that isn’t the point. The key benefit is that you can create a list of qualified leads with whom you can follow up over time.

7.Free eBook

You can write a book on the subject and give it away as a lead magnet if you have the time and want to put yourself as an expert. 

Books can help you gain popularity by allowing you to promote your company through other outlets such as the news and podcasts, which are more likely to feature you as the author of a book rather than just a business promoter.

8.Youtube Video or Video Course

I don’t think I need to tell you how popular video is these days.

A video or video course is an easy way to build a lead magnet.

9. Quizes

A quiz is another excellent way to engage website users and create leads.

You can easily set these up with a third-party service like LeadQuzzes. 

You can also do a lot of cool stuff like split test quizzes and guide people to different deals depending on their responses.

10.Your Services Pricing

A Pricing page is one of the most simple methods of capturing leads.

 Basically, you have a ‘pricing’ link in your navigation, and when people click on it, a pop-up modal appears, asking for their email address in return for access to your pricing details.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to reveal too much about your pricing. On this page, you can only provide very general details about how your pricing works.

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