Healthy living – choice I made

Love yourself enough to live a healthy life style⭐️✨

I have always been a healthy vegan and an ardent aerobics lover. However, after my daughter was born 7 years ago, I somehow stopped gymming and as a matter of fact, reduced any kind of exercises( except a bit walking). With the demanding roles of being a wife, mother , career woman and homemaker, I quite neglected my good food habits and my workouts. Result- I was void of energy and put on kilos.

My mission was to reclaim my health and energy. I became determined to make a change in my food habits. Last year, My friend introduced me to a nutritional cleansing system . Glad, I made the choice and I gave it a go.

Staying true to my mission, I complimented my New nutrition plan and not shy about showing off my newfound strength, confidence and weight loss.

What I do :

Firstly, This nutritional plan allows me to have 2 meal replacement lean protein shakes per day. Along With a 500-600 calorie real healthy food. Also, 100-150 calorie snacks and 6-7 glasses of water through out the day . My family and I mostly consume organic food items. Secondly, I do three back-to-back (2 days of body  cleansing in a row) body cleanses/ detox per month, each in a week’s gap. Last but not the least , I regularly do  workouts at my local Gym. I am amazed how , Just after a couple of months of doing this program, I could see drastic changes in my body and health in general. I lost around 5 kilos, many inches down and loads of energy to display.

Now, I feel I am back to my healthy self. Being healthy and fit is not a fad or a trend. Instead, it’s a lifestyle 💜💗




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