Facebook Groups: All things you need to know

Facebook Groups: All things you need to know

What is a Facebook group for? 

A Facebook group can have many different purposes depending on the topic or objective: branding, positioning your company as a leader in its sector, customer service channel, entertainment, mastermind, etc. Facebook Groups: All things you need to know: In a Nutshell , there are 3 general and common factors that provide an answer to the question of what Facebook groups are for?

  1. Share information and keep in touch with other members of the group
  2. Generate content or see content published by other members
  3. Communicate with other members through the internal chat

Difference between a Facebook group and a Facebook page 

You might be wondering why you need a group since Fan pages already exist. Pay attention to the next section to discover how useful a Facebook group can be and the main differences with a Fan Page.

Facebook groups ownership

Any user can create and manage multiple Facebook groups. A user can also create a public figure Facebook page to build their personal brand (for example, in the case of an influencer) but only one. In order to manage a business page, a user needs to either be the owner of the business or get an authorization from the brand or entity.

Facebook groups focus on building communities

The content published on a Facebook business page is saved on the community tab. However, the content from any member of a group is published on the main channel. Besides, the main goal of a Facebook group is to interact and discuss with other members, while a Fan page is focused on getting followers or attracting potential customers.

The importance of Facebook groups 

Facebook’s current algorithm minimized the reach of most pages and gave priority to publications on groups. So, don’t think twice about whether you should create a group or not. The reach of your publications has fallen drastically on your Facebook pages. On the contrary, if you publish on a Facebook group the reach will increase. This means that groups are more effective at giving visibility to your content. Facebook clearly favours groups and provides users with what they are looking for- community and mutual interests.

Another thing that we should consider if we are debating between opening a group or page is, that users will normally join a group if they are truly interest in it. On the other side, a Facebook page often has a variety of followers where many of them don’t show enough interest in the brand.

How a Facebook group can help my company? 

If you create a group with customers or people interested in your brand, it is crucial that you keep them updated with the products and services that your company provides.

Facebook groups give customers an opportunity to connect and share information about the company, increasing the engagement. As a brand, this will help you to improve and know the opinion of your current and potential customers firsthand.

Facebook groups are not meant to sell or promote their products or services but to be attentive to the public and build a bond with members of the group. Therefore, the company should be active and respond to any answer, suggestion or doubt as soon as possible. The special bond built by Facebook groups can be used to positively impact on customers and indirectly encourage recurrent purchases based on a relationship of trust. They are often used with students from a training school, associations, congresses, alumni groups, etc.

For all these reasons, a Facebook group is a good marketing strategy for your company. They help to build a community around your brand. Think about it: all the members of the group will have something in common: your business.

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