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Digitallydiv Agency offers Facebook Ads management, Melbourne. 

If you’re struggling to get your voice heard in the noisy platform, there’s a good reason for that. More than 50 million businesses are now on Facebook and it’s down to you to push through the crowd to get to the front row.

It may still be something of a puzzle to some people, but it’s no longer an option. Facebook marketing for business owners should be a priority, not just an extra. Now, businesses across the globe can’t get by without it.

Deals in heels Social Digitallydiv to take charge of your Facebook advertising. See your campaigns transform with our creative and carefully-crafted approach.

Reach Your Ideal Audience Using the World’s Largest Psychographic & Demographic Database
1.Reach Your Ideal Audience – Facebook has an incredible knowledge of your target market, we’ll help you use the data to gain maximum advertising impact
2.Retarget  – FB Pixel used to Retarget and create Lookalike Audiences .
3.100% Transparent Reporting & Fees – feel in control and as involved as you would like to be. Our goal is to make you comfortable and your campaign successful

Cost to build a website

The Just FB Ads Plan

1 Ad account
$ 599
  • Up-to 5 Ads set
  • New AD copy, Creative and Caption
  • Audience Targeting/ Look Alike Audience/ Retargeting
  • Min Ad-Spend $250 a Month by the client. Max Ad spend $2500a Month
  • No Contract.Cancel Any Time
  • Ads management & Optimisation

The Ultra FB Ads Plan

1 Ad Account
$ 899
  • Up-to 7 Ads sets
  • Ads Management
  • AD copy and Caption
  • Audience Targeting/ Look Alike Audience/ Retargeting
  • Min Ad-Spend $350 a Month by the client. Max Ad spend $3500 a Month
  • No Contract.Cancel Any Time
  • Ads Management & Optimisation

The Evolve FB Ads Plan

1 Ad Account
$ 1199
  • Up-to 10 Adsets
  • Ads Management
  • AD copy and Caption
  • Audience Targeting/ Look Alike Audience/ Retargeting
  • Min Ad-Spend $450 a Month by the client. Max Ad spend $5000 a Month
  • No Contract.Cancel Any Time
  • Ads Management & Optimisation

Benefits of Having Experts Run Your Facebook Ads

In order to effectively execute a Facebook Advertising campaign, you must spend a considerable amount of time, resources, and relentless focus. For your campaign to be successful you must continually be changing the settings depending on what you, your rivals, and your customers are doing. If you feel you have the time and dedication to run your own FB Ads campaigns, then that’s awesome, but most company owners and enterprises don’t have that kind of time.


The conversion rate is perhaps the most significant metric when conducting a campaign for Facebook Advertising. Although retaining the best exchange rate, you want to reduce your Facebook price per press as far as possible. Knowing you want a high conversion, though, and really reaching a high conversion rate are two very different things.

There are plenty of variables that, from ad copy to landing page architecture, to keyword optimization, may have a detrimental effect on your conversion rate. You should certainly recommend employing a specialist if you are not familiar with these three fundamental principles.

Time Is Money!

You already know that time is money if you're a small business owner. You don't want to spend your time researching how to run your promotion for Facebook Ads, and you certainly don't have the commitment you need to run your account continuously every day. Although you should actually learn how to run a campaign for Facebook Advertising, you started your company because you were excited about something or were a specialist in that field.

You would not be viewing this web page in the first place if you were passionate about Facebook Advertising. You can save precious time by recruiting a specialist so that you can devote yourself to your company and its needs, not the needs of your campaign for Facebook Advertising.

Effectiveness of your Landing Page:

An advertisement's real killer is sometimes not the commercial itself, BUT the final destination or landing page. You could spend thousands of dollars on ads, but you would not see a sufficient investment return if your landing page is poorly built.

If you do a good job creating your landing page, you'll see an improvement in conversions as well as a decrease in Facebook pay per click rate. There are also other critical considerations that need to be addressed when creating a successful landing page, such as SEO and keyword analysis. When you employ a specialist, they will take all of this into account and guarantee that you have a landing page compatible with the brand and the Advertisement.

You dont need to do a Thing!

One of the main benefits to hiring a professional is just that - they are a professional. They have spent the time learning about ad creation in Facebook and have experience running FB Ads Campaign.

If you don't feel like you quite understand how to optimize your Facebook Ads campaign, or navigate the ad creation manager, or just don't want to waste your time learning the ins and outs of the software then why not hire someone who's already dedicated their time to learning everything about the software?

Fb Ads Management Melbourne-Our Approach

Stage 1

Analysis of your Social Standing. Data is central to your Social marketing strategy. It helps set goals, develop a marketing roadmap and track performance along the way. But in the complex world of digital marketing, it can be difficult to process all the data and get a clear picture. That’s where our technology & Experience comes in!

Stage 2

Creation of your Facebook Ads & Running your Ads Campaign The Good Ole Research is our tool for slaying Facebook advertising strategies. We develop creative ads that are backed by copy to target the right audience & Demographics to draw out the results you want. Ads created by Digitallydiv Digital Marketing Agency never fade into the news feed, they show off your brand and drive the traffic that converts to your site.

Stage 3

Ongoing Monitoring of your Performance. You’ll get full access to results, so you can witness the magic in a completely transparent system.

How can Facebook ad Management Melbourne Help your service based Business?

Facebook Ads Management Melbourne  : If you’re looking to get your brand in front of new customers, recapture lost leads, increase sales and grow your business overall, then there’s a no better option than increasing your leads. One of the significant steps to take is via Facebook ads.

Having said this, Facebook ads are not very easy to manage along with your busy schedule of managing your biz. Whether you want the Fb Ads to run Or boost your most like’d Post AND Whether you are already using Facebook advertising or need a Facebook specialist to setup, optimise and manage them for you, DigitallyDiv can help! .


During your 30-minute exploratory chat, there’s nothing to buy, but you can share your story about what’s going on with your local marketing. We’ll share with you what’s working, see if and how we may be able to help and answer all of your facebook Marketing related queries…

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5 Secrets of writing a Scroll -Stopping Ad copy.

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