Facebook Ads Management for Small Businesses

FB Ads Management

New In! $199 FaceBook Ads

An Initiative to help small Businesses and Local Shops with Social Media Marketing during this Corona Crisis.

DigitallyDiv Agency is offering

Facebook Ads Management for Small Business & Local Shops-$199FaceBook AdsManagement

Whats Included: 2 Fresh & High Quality Ad Copy (With Caption) a month +Ad Optimisation & Ad Management for one Crazy Low Price: Only $199/month

We will take care of everything from Ad copy creation, Ad optimisation and management. FB Ad spend  is seperate depending on your Daily Budget *and  how many days you want to run your Ad for. *You will  decide on the Budget for the Ad spend.

How can Facebook ad management Help a Small Business and start-up?

If you’re looking to get your brand in front of new customers, recapture lost leads, increase customer loyalty, and grow your business overall, then there’s no better option than increasing your brand awareness. One of the significant steps to take is via facebook ads.

Having said this, Facebook ads are not very easy to manage along with your busy schedule of managing your biz. Whether you want the Fb Ads to run Or boost your most like'd Post AND Whether you are already using Facebook advertising or need a Facebook specialist to setup, optimise and manage them for you, DigitallyDiv can help! .

We will take care of everything from Ad copy creation, Ad optimisation and management, You just decide on you Budget /day for each ad.

How does Facebook Advertising work?

Choosing your Objective

Facebook Advertising Strategy and  Management
FB Ad Category

To ensure you reach your determined goal, there are three advertising categories to choose from: awareness, consideration, and conversion. From there, you can narrow your audience down by location, age, gender and more until it fits your ideal buyer persona.

Selecting a Format

Facebook Advertising Strategy and  Management
Fb Ad Format

Facebook’s Ads format options include photo(s), video(s), carousel, slideshow, and canvas ads. Once you’ve decided which is best for your business, you simply place your order and continue to track performance and edit your campaign through Adverts/Business Manager.

Setting up a a budget

FB Ad Budget

Everyone has a budget they don’t want to breach and thankfully, Facebook incorporates this into their advertising options. You can decide between a daily budget or a lifetime budget which is a maximum spend across the dates your ad will be running.

Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.

Henry Ford

Facebook Ads Strategy and Management : Create paid ads on Facebook and optimize your ads to achieve a number of goals including:

  • Page likes
  • Clicks to website
  • Website conversions
  • App installs
  • And more

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