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Effective Communication with Customers during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on businesses. Many Businesses around the world are swiftly working to develop communication management plans to respond to the coronavirus, crisis which is spreading around the world.Effective Communication with Customers during pandemic is Vital because It improves Trust-factor with the Clients.

Here are few significant things to keep in mind when assembling your businesses’ COVID-19 plans:

Don’t send out too Many Emails with regards to Corona Crisis:

The Corona Virus crisis has made many companies reach out Via email to many customers . However, Customers are getting incredibly weary of companies reaching out via email about what they are doing during this crisis. As a matter of fact, many think of unsubscribing /or have even Unsubscribed from many of them because most of the consumers feel companies just simply haven’t cared. Also, It’s been observed that a lot of the COVID-19 messaging is all starting to sound the same and thus is being ignored.

Go Social Media

Effective Communication  with Customers during pandemic - Social media IIcons
Social Media Updates

Effective Communication with Customers during pandemic is as Important as the marketing itself. It is recommended that best way of reaching out Consumers during this corona crisis is through social media. The approach that I would recommend taking is showing how you can help or have helped people during this time. Even if it is in small ways, People would be way more interested seeing what cool things you are doing than just some crazy long email.

Google My Business (Google’s platform for local businesses) offers you the ability to create posts. Those can be good short little blurbs about what you can or are doing.

“We’re going to lose a chunk of activity, and then we’ll grow out of it. That’s the good news. But are we going to boom out of it or crawl out of it? Crawling is looking more likely.” — Julia Coronado, the president of MacroPolicy Perspectives

Update your website

While it is observed a lot of businesses are sending out emails, not everyone is updating their websites – especially on the small business side. In the current crisis time , it’s more significant to have information available for people when they are ready to interact with your business. That type of communication is to be better done via social media, also means to update your website, and possibly your telephone recording.

Keep Your Customers Informed

The Businesses needs to be prepared to provide timely updates as necessary and inform stakeholders where they can go for additional information or questions.

“If you’re asking for when the financial markets see peak virus, I think it’ll be about a month from now.” — Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital Management

For instance, Message could be at the top of the website that gives our status (open for business or Closed indefinitely and so on) and an option to get help immediately if you need to make changes because of COVID-19. Otherwise, reach out to the clients when you have something relevant to them. As an example,If a local service provider and their service is still up and running, but they’ve halted new installations during the crisis. That’s not something they need to tell their existing clients because it’s just not relevant to them. On the other hand if you’ve got a webinar filled with tips to help people get through this crazy time, then that’s definitely something to share.

“We’ve seen aggressive shopping across the country in our stores.” — Brian Cornell, the C.E.O. of Target. Over the weekend, Target started limiting the quantity of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes that customers can buy.

There is a need for us to keep faith in our system that our economies worldwide will return to normal and all Businesses run with “Business as Usual” tag. It could take months or even longer. Meanwhile, don’t destroy the relationships you already have with your best customers. Use this opportunity to show them you are there for them and build even stronger relationships.

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