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Do you wish to build a Conversion funnel on your website so you can start earning money from your digital marketing efforts? 

That’s an awesome  move! Many Business Owners/digital Marketers overlook the importance of building a carefully-thought website Conversion funnel only to regret down the line.

What is Website  Sales Funnel/Website Conversion Funnel ?

The process you create to draw potential customers/Leads to your website and direct them to take any desired action is represented in a conversion funnel, also known as a sales or marketing funnel. The behaviour will range from signing up to purchasing your goods and services for your email list.

Five key steps make up a simple conversion funnel process:

1.Awareness: building for your goods and services.

2.Consideration/Interest: Build curiosity in what you need to offer

3.Evaluation: By educating them about how you can help solve their dilemma, increase desire
For their step of the purchasing process, take the desired action

4.Engagement: Then this process is repeated, moving the visitor through the journey of the customer before the person leaves the funnel or makes the purchase.or their step of the purchasing process, take the desired action

5.Purchase/Commitment: This is the Final stage , The Visitor Takes Action Here. And The Visitor Becomes A  Lead Or The Lead Becomes A Client, Depending On The Target Of The Conversion Funnel.

Sounds convenient, huh?

Not Really..In order to maximise your conversion rate, a well-designed and effective conversion funnel takes planning, review, and optimisation.

Building a website Conversion Funnel

Web sales funnel

What do you want the reader to do?


Always create website pages with a specific Goal for each page. In other words, if you want the reader to ask for a Quote for that particular service, create a page with much information tabs about the service but have one simple call to action on each page: “click to get your Quote” From the point of view of the user, they are on an informative Web page, but you give them only one result. Too many Options can confuse the Reader.

You should make the “call to action”(CTA) innovative. One perfect approach is to have a blog with many engaging Blogs and Articles, each of which ends with the call to action. Also, separate pages containing pictures and videos of previous events or other facts about the product may be included. The point is that these additional items aren’t just a sales copy but also give your guests the details they want to determine.

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The 5 stages of the Website Funnel for Conversion

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Pro Tip

Before You Can Sell Anything, You Need To Make People Aware Of Your Product Or Service. The Good News Is That There Are Plenty Of Sales Funnel Tools To Help You Get The Word Out About Your Brand

Website Conversion Funnel Stage 1


Spread awareness of your Brand

You need a steady stream of eligible visitors to your website before you can introduce a conversion funnel. It can be achieved across several different online platforms to make people aware of your brand, but most small companies naturally gravitate to content marketing.

By creating and optimising content that caters to those who are doing research in order to purchase something, content marketing helps you to gain exposure in the search engines. This is where the more you know how your organisation can help alleviate the pain or satisfy your target audience’s appetite, the more content you will produce that will feed their research needs.

In order to draw visitors, content can be delivered as blog posts or videos. You must give the visitor sufficient free information at the knowledge stage so that the visitor does not feel like they are sold. Make sure your bid is visible so that you do not hesitate to switch to your next level if you really care for your guests.

After Determining Goals And Building Personas, It’s Time To Start Marketing. Here Are A Few Ways To Build Awareness:

  • Social Media Posts And Promotions
  • Guest Posting/Blogging
  • Whitepapers And Free Webinars
  • Infographics

Website Conversion Funnel Stage 2



When you have attracted your ideal target consumer, your emphasis on your product or service must now be increased. This is the key point for your website and content.

If you know that you draw tourists but leave quickly, your website can be a problem with the content that they want. It is difficult or too many choices can be found on the website. Many small enterprises who develop their own websites commit many web design errors which hurt conversions.

Your content should inspire visitors to learn more, to get more deeply involved and to get to know you. Have a call to action for more content to include your e-mail list if you have users that attract blog posts.

Whether a white paper, manual, ebook, checklist or Cheat Sheet, this material becomes your lead magnet, which invites you to exchange your e-mail address for your bid.

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Once people have learned about your brand, they’re likely to take an interest in it. At this point, you’ve hooked the fish, but you haven’t yet reeled it in – which makes it one of the most important stages in the sales funnel. During this stage, you’ll want to focus on the following types of content:

  • Email campaigns
  • Blog posts
  • Lead magnets
  • Chatbots
  • Retargeting campaigns
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Lead Magnets

Without an additional phase or two, a funnel wouldn't be a real funnel. A very simple addition to the website for the funnel builder is a pop up that collects email addresses, like the full video, a few special tips, from the keynote speaker or some advertisement service, in exchange for useful and appealing content. This will encourage users to give you an e-mail in the future.

Website Conversion Funnel Stage 3

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Take Action


What's in this stage of sales funnel?

Yes! You did it!

At this funnel stage, people are taking a very keen interest in your product or service. You’ve almost closed the sale, but you’re not quite there yet. Aim for some of these content types to really reel in your customers:

  • Testimonials
  • Pricing pages
  • Case studies
  • Discount/promo codes
  • Live demos or tutorials
  • Product comparisons

Website Conversion Funnel Stage 4


Make contact with your prospect!

At this point, you’ve made contact with your prospect. You’re ever so close to making the sale, but still not quite there.

Since this is kind of “Action” stage, be sure to utilise the following:

  • Insider or customer success stories
  • Special offers
  • Bundled packages
  • Follow up email campaigns

Now that you have the attention of your guest, you have to encourage them to take the next step. (Do not forget to turn the visitor into a lead or lead into a customer).

Your conversion funnel approach extends visitors from creating and sharing content to highlight why their brand is better than the competitiveness. To convert visitors into leads social proof , Reviews , Testimonials and case studies will working well. Often worthwhile are webinars that demonstrate your experience or product demos.

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Pro Tip

You can start to submit your email series or to enter a private Facebook community to cultivate and turn leads into customers. Many experienced Leads are not yet able to purchase. To provide those who have shown interest in your deals with interesting emails or a group can move them from prospect to customer.

Website Conversion Funnel Stage 5

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What's In store?

If everything that you did until now works, the visitor takes action here. And the visitor becomes a  lead or the lead becomes a client, depending on the target of the conversion funnel.

But it’s not just a conversion your operation. This is an ongoing, recurring process which gives your visitors numerous opportunities to offer their offers. For instance:

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Pro Tip

When the visitor is eligible, move him to the next stage, where his wish for the goods and services is strengthened. When the lead has been turned into a customer, implement them and start the process again in other goods or services. Also service companies may sell clients to other types of campaigns.

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Why Website sales Funnels

Why do I need a Sales Funnel?

Are Website Sales Funnels needed?

Website Sales funnels are, essentially,  an automated sale making machine when done right. They lend consistency and a hands-off approach which can also allow you to measure and test results. You can do this by seeing what steps of the sales funnel process seem to be working and which do not.

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Pro Tip

The best sales funnels build consumer trust and business authority. Two of the main keys for creating a thriving business,

“The best sales questions have your expertise wrapped into them.”

Should you implement a conversion funnel for your business?

 Yeah, although it’s a long process, the answer is yes.

You should have a properly built conversion funnel, even if your email list is just to extend, for your company to sell using your website. Know the journey of the customer, what appeals to them and how to help them in the end. You will understand what your target audience wants, create content that meets their needs and help your visitors develop a useful relationship.

Wrapping Up!

With this information, you can craft the perfect sales strategy with the right tools to make it as easy as possible. Get started now and rake in those new customers.

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Pro Tip

If you are stepping into this advanced territory, you can change the Lead magnets over time or if they opted in (tracked by browser cookies) and appeal to users at different stages of the buying process. These methods are extremely effective for selling on traditional websites. Remember to start with your goal in mind, maintain one clear call to action, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

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