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The cost to build a website varies as per your business needs. Your Investment to build a website in Australia. Complete Digital Marketing plans for Your Professional Service-based Businesses

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Website Build Cost

How much should your website cost? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the web design industry, but the answer isn’t as simple as it seems.Read this Article to know the cost to build a website and why we charge what we charge.

Our projects range from $5k-$35k depending on the scope of the project.

There are two reasons why it is difficult to answer this question in a straightforward way:

  1. Websites vary a lot in terms of their design and functionality. The type of site you’re after makes a big difference.
  2. The rate varies from agency to agency. An Australia-based company will charge you very differently than an overseas provider. But even in Australia, pricing can vary greatly
The main factors that go into scoping a project are the total number of pages for the site, total number of unique page templates, rounds of revision, any kind of unique functionality you may need for the project and the degree of the level of user experience strategy you may need for the project. Let’s take a moment to explain what each one of those elements means and how it impacts your project.
Cost to build a Website


The total number of pages is pretty straight forward. Any time you click something and go to another url on your website, that counts as a page. This can be things like Home, About, Services, FAQ etc… but can also be things like each individual team member, or each portfolio/case study item, if they each have a separate page.


More important than total number of pages is the concept of unique page designs. A page design is a template or framework for a design. If you think of your LinkedIN profile page, that is a unique page design. Everyone uses that same page design for their LinkedIN profile, so the overall design is the same, but the content you have on your profile page is unique to you. What we would do for you is design and develop your own unique page designs which you would use to populate the various pages on your site. The greater the number of unique page templates you need, the more it will impact the scope of the project.

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Unique functionality can be pretty broad as a concept. This can be anything from front-end design functions, such as having animated Text on buttons, to High Level SEO Concepts and Lead magnets. An easy way to think about it is, the more ‘regular’ a website you need the less expensive it will be. The more you need the site to perform or display in an UN-usual way, the more Expensive it typically is.

There are many components/Features you can add to your website so it works in harmony with your business or to make it stand out From the rest. Some of the more common features are

1.Portfolio,  Unique Team pages
2.Parallax Hero Image
3Video Trailers & Promos
4.Dynamic Testimonials
5.Feedback Form
6.Membership websites, payment getaway
and for more, just call us


Some businesses are more complex than others. For regular businesses that have a simple Goal, such as generating a lead for a Vet Or Dental Or Dog Groomers  appointment, then strategy required is not very Complex because It’s not really a “mystery” what the person/user on the site is looking for and what their next step should be. 

However,  for some professional ( like law firms or Recruiters or car sales ) Or B2B oriented companies the customer lifecycle can me much more complex. In those cases there needs to be a strategic element to understand who your various user types are and where they are on their buying journey when they come to the website. 

This type of high-level strategy is more complex and requires more time and greater expertise in the process.

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Below is an outline of our pricing based on different project Plans

Step 1 -Pick a Plan

Pick the package that suits your budget. The higher the package, the more features and fancier and better functional your website will be.

Step 2 – Discovery Session & Your Content

We provide an easy to use setup process that makes it easy to organise your content. If you have an existing website we can copy from there. 

Step 3 - Launch & Handover

We’ll custom design your website based around your brief, logo, branding, content. Once its launched, we’ll give you 3 rounds of changes to ensure its perfect!

Get a Conversion-Ready website today! Select any of our packages to get started.

Save thousands on your ad spend( Both on Social Ads and Google Ads), with a Conversion-ready website
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The Bronze

5 page Conversion Ready Website for your Service based Business
$ 5400
  • An Intelligent and beautiful, 5-page Conversion-ready website built on WordPress, Optimised for Search Engine with professional SEO copywriting. Elegant, Niche-specific 6-page ebook. Integration with CRM, 1-Subscription form , 1-Pop-up design, booking calendar & Google SiteKit...
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The Silver

10 Page Conversion Ready Website for your service based Business
$ 7650
  • A Smart & beautiful, 10-page Conversion-ready website built on WordPress, Optimised for search with professional SEO copywriting. Elegant, Niche-specific 10-page ebook. Integration with CRM, Subscription form, Pop-up Design, 2 Niche based blogs(1000words), booking calendar, Google Sitekit..
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The Gold

15 page Website-Custom Built to your Service Business
$ 9100
  • An Elegant and smart, 15-page Conversion-ready website built on WordPress, Optimised for search with professional SEO copywriting. Elegant, Niche-specific 15-page ebooks-02. Integration with CRM, 1-subscription form, 1-Pop-up Design, booking Calendar,Payment Gateway, 2 Niche based blogs(1500 words), 1 Year Free Live Chat, Google SiteKit...
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The platimun

Fully Custom Built with more than 20+ Pages
$ 15,000+
  • An Elegant and smart, Conversion-ready website Fully custom built on WordPress, Optimised for search with professional SEO copywriting. Elegant, Niche-specific 25-page ebooks-02. Integration with CRM, 1-subscription form, 1-Pop-up Design, booking calendar, Payment Gateway, 2 Niche based Blogs( 2000 words), Member ship website, 1 Year Free Live chat, Google SiteKit...and much more

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Cost to build  a website
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