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New In! $199Social Plan

An Initiative to help small Businesses and Local Shops with Social Media Marketing during this Corona Crisis.

DigitallyDiv Agency is offering

Social Media Content Management for Small Business & Local Shops-$199Social Plan

Fresh content for your social media pages. That is to say, we post High Quality content 5 days a week-Monday to Friday! . Above all, these goodness for one crazy low price: Only $199/month.

As a small business owner, you have about a million things to do every day. However, posting to your social media pages doesn’t have to be one of them.

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Social Media Marketing Consultancy is done via Zoom or In-person(Melbourne based - Due to Corona Pandemic , all In person meetings are scheduled as ZOOM Meetings)

3 Reasons Why we should be your Social Media Marketing Consultants

Social media Marketing Consultancy- Girl with drink in her hand

Help establish your Social Media Marketing Strategy

A clear mindset on where you need to go, and how to get there, will increase your chance for success..


Social Media Marketing Consultancy - Two people talking

How to find your customers

We’ll show you how to build a group of motivated buyers on your Social Media Channels


Girl thinking

Show you what technology to use

From the advertising platforms to content creation tools & reporting, we’ll step you through it all.


Who a Social Media Marketing Consultancy is Perfect for:

  • Business Owners that are in need of some guidance on all things about Social Media Marketing & Social media Advertising but aren’t sure where to begin.
  • Help choosing the right advertising platform that's proven to grow sales
  • Access to a professional to assist you with specific Social Media questions and/or strategising the perfect Social Media plan.
  • Personalised trainings on how to actually use advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • A mentor to guide you in the right direction and help create innovative marketing strategies tailored to your business & target market
  • A place to help fuel all those wonderful, exciting ideas whilst receiving top feedback and picking my brain to assist in developing these fabulous concepts.
  • Consulting is also a great top up tool for those seeking additional coaching, training or accountability following other packages you have previously utilised. We will ensure you are staying on track and reaching those goals with a four week follow up.


Social Media Marketing Consultancy

Request for a Proposal


Our 3 Step Marketing Consultation Process


  1. Listen : We Listen to know about your business and Identify your Core Marketing issues
  2. Prepare:Preliminary research into your industry, target market & competitors
  3. Conquer: Create a preliminary plan & submit the proposal


How Does It Work?

You will start getting leads, booking clients, selling products and growing your followers ORGANICALLY( Social Media Marketing) . As well as paid leads If you prefer boosting posts and Social Media Advertisements. You will as well as gaining clarity around what you’re doing and have peace of mind KNOWING with 100% confidence that you are focusing your precious time on the IMPORTANT things.

 The time can be broken into multiple sessions instead of being used at once.

After Purchasing

You will receive an email containing your booking time. If the Date & Time do not suit your routine. Please email us back with your available dates and we make the relevant changes. Please note , Due to the Corona Pandemic, In-person meeting are cancelled and we have switched to ZOOM meetings for all the consultancy Bookings. 

Please make sure that you have ZOOM Details handy and we will send you the Invite with the  Meeting  scheduled  for the date and time you requested.

Get prepared for a jam-packed session of question answering, strategising and a good ole chit chat all about Social Media Marketing.

Melbourne In-person Bookings require a minimum of 1 day prior booking.

Please Note: All In-person Bookings are scheduled via ZOOM due to Social-Distancing in place.

Social Media Marketing Consultancy

Social Media Marketing Consulting- 1Hr

Perfect option for those in need of some guidance on all things about Social Media Marketing and Social Media Advertising but aren’t sure where to begin. We are offering 5% discount on the Original Price of $89 per 1 Hr session due to the Corona Crisis, that is reflecting in the below payment link.



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