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12 point City Pages SEO Checklist to help grow big across other Cities in 2021

Making use of these 12 key elements and strategies that will help Your Business Grow Big in surrounding Cities. a strong City pages SEO strategy that will actively bring in more Leads and achieve your company’s goals. 

City Pages SEO

City Pages help you get found by new customers in surrounding service areas and cities.

City pages are a powerful way for your company to find your new Google search customers who are based in different surrounding areas and markets.

Using strong SEO strategies, City Pages are created that place you directly in front of potential customers who are looking for your form of the company AND who are located in neighbouring metro areas.

City pages are meticulously optimised to be easily found in Google organic and mobile search, regardless of the platform people are searching on.

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City Pages SEO

Show up strong in Google search

When you get it right, there are multiple benefits. You can:

  • Boost your website’s ranking.
  • Attract more localised web traffic.
  • Highlight different solutions to customers from each location.
  • Create different calls-to-action on each page.
  • Include more internal and external links.
  • Eliminate the costs of maintaining separate domains.

City Pages are built using powerful SEO strategies that put you directly in front of new customers who are searching for your type of business AND who are located in surrounding metro areas.

So while City Pages are Awesome SEO perspective, they need to be unique. You can’t just change a word or two for each location and expect positive results. Every city page must offer something unique to visitors and search engines crawlers.

City Pages for Every Need:

Get found by new customers who are located in surrounding cities. These are perfect for service area business that service customers in a wide range of surrounding metro areas.

Landmark Targeting

If your business is directly related to prominent landmarks, buildings, or institutions, City Pages can quickly help you get found by the associated search traffic in Google.

Targeted Zip Codes

Optimise your business to get found in targeted zip codes by your highest quality customers. With City Pages, we can optimize for the most profitable zip codes in your market, so your business gets found fast by your absolute best customers.

Surrounding & Adjacent Neighborhoods

With City Pages, we can optimize at a very granular level such as neighborhoods. This way, your business can be optimized in Google search for a specific neighborhood where you need to get found fast by new customers.

What's Included in the City Page SEO Package

GMB Optimisation

As one of the most powerful local marketing tools, Google My Business is a gold mine for businesses. We can help optimise your listing so your business gains greater online visibility and appears in the top search results on Google!

Local SEO Business Listings & Citation Building

Local business directory listings & citations generated manually You need to have your company listed in the top business directories to build your local business online.

We'll manually create a profile for you on the top company directories online with our business listing service. This is often referred to as "citation construction" or "citation building of NAP*." We will Create a profile in 5-10 Local Directories ( specific to the new City you want to rank in).
Additionally, to improve your website rankings, you will get a link from these directories!
NAP Stands for Name, Address and Ph Number.

Keword+Location page

We will create a Separate Page( WordPress Only) for every city /Suburb you want to rank in .
We don't just copy the existing page content, instead every City page will have a Unique content.This is Important because , google can penalise websites that have duplicate content for different Cities.

The Minimum words required in a Page is 1000-1200 words for the Good SEO . So, we make sure that every city page will have 1200 + words We will SEO the page relevant to the keyword with Meta, URL, H1 and Image Alt tags.

For Instance If you are a Law firm In Clyde North and want to Rank in Brighton ( another suburb) we will create a page with Unique Content for Brighton Vets Keyword that will help in ranking better with Google.

City pages SEO melbourne

City Page FAQ’s

Most frequent questions and answers

City Pages help you get found by new customers in surrounding service areas and cities.

City Pages are a powerful way for your business to get found my new customers searching in Google who are located in multiple surrounding areas and markets.

City Pages are published directly on your website as a new page (or pages).  In essence, city pages become a part of your overall website structure.

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