can I learn SEO by myself - 5 Tips to Learn SEO by yourself for Free

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can I learn SEO by myself
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Nothing is easy or free to learn. SEO might not involve spending money but it isn’t the cheaper alternative. When you consider how much time you spend for on-page optimisation and for link building, you don’t regard it as free anymore ‐ time is money and these free SEO activities have wasted you so much time that you already know how expensive ‘free’ can be. Nevertheless, there are cases when you just need SEO.


So you want to learn SEO on your own? Look no further; take a seat, relax, and prepare to learn (I promise it will be enjoyable). Your presence here indicates a few things, but most importantly that you recognise that learning SEO is critical for the growth of your organisation and website in today’s connected world. Do not be afraid; it is not nearly as intimidating as you believe. Before we begin, you should understand two concepts: what is SEO and why is it important.


If you are paying an SEO firm or contractor, the cost is obvious. But the time you allocate your internal folks to SEO — and this includes the IT team, web designers, copywriters, project managers, as well as in-house SEO specialists — must be quantified and factored in, too. Then there are the “soft” costs that are harder to measure.

SEO requires continuing investment. Invest in SEO as an ongoing marketing channel and your natural rankings will surely rise over time. Treat SEO as a one-time project, or dedicate insufficient resources, and you court obsolescence.

SEO is a technique which can not be learnt just by reading only, you have to start implementing it as well.
Here are 5 seemingly doable tips to learn SEO by yourself

What is search engine optimisation?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimising and promoting a website in order to increase the amount of traffic it receives from search engines. Essentially, it’s about achieving a higher ranking in search engine results for keywords associated with your website. After all, how many people click on the fourth page of a Google search result?
The numerous factors that contribute to SEO include the words on your page and the way other websites link to you on the web, as well as simply structuring your website in a way that search engines understand.

1. Go to Youtube

YouTube is not only the king of digital entertainment; it can also be an excellent learning environment. In this article, I’ll share eight compelling reasons why you should incorporate YouTube into your eLearning course and demonstrate how including it can truly benefit your eLearning audience.


You already know that eLearning videos can be an extremely effective learning tool because they add a dynamic element to your eLearning courses, aid in knowledge transfer, demonstrate complex procedures, and assist in explaining difficult concepts. Additionally, they can be quite entertaining and can be viewed as many times as your learners desire.


This is why the video-sharing website YouTube offers limitless opportunities to enhance your eLearning course by not only utilising the countless videos available, but also by creating your own to assist your audience in meeting their learning goals and objectives.


The only requirement is that the videos you use are aligned with your expected learning outcomes and are appropriate for your eLearning audience.

  1. Ryan Stewart (Webris) – absorb every video and blog post this guy puts out. He’s a genius.
  2. Next up are Brian Dean and Nathan Gotch. Again, they have tons of videos and blog posts and you will learn a vast amount from listening to them.
  3. The Ahrefs blog and Youtube videos. This will teach you literally everything you need to know about SEO. It has better information available free than any SEO course I’ve seen (they’re almost all outdated within a few months of being released).
  4. And last but not least, go and subscribe to Chase Reiner’s YouTube channel. Really nice guy, does SEO for a living and gives lots of information away for free.

2.Bookmark some websites like Moz and semrush

Bookmark some SEO websites like Moz  and semrush which publish blogs related to SEO on daily basis. Start following some bloggers who regularly post. Once you start getting about SEO then start implementing SEO techniques to your Website or Blog. It will not cost you anything so start it with dedication.


The world of SEO is constantly changing, so stay current. A critical component of this is to follow SEO specialists on Twitter. Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz, is one of many. Join the Twitter fray to get the most out of your SEO experience, to receive the most recent updates, and to keep up with the latest changes.

Nonetheless, do not stop there. If you enjoy a good read, consider subscribing to some of the blogs listed below.

If you’re looking for a place to begin, this is an excellent article, if we do say so ourselves.

3. Join a Search Engine Optimization Group

This is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard – “If you want to be a gardener, associate with gardeners.” If you want to be a race car driver, you should associate with other race car drivers. If you want to be someone in the future, surround yourself with the people you wish to emulate.” Joining an SEO group in your area will assist you in advancing your career as an SEO professional. Why don’t you give the following a shot: Meetups for SEO
If you are unable to locate something in your area, follow Step 3’s advice and return to networking. Again, ask your friends, conduct a web search, or take the initiative and organise your own meetup.

4.Create a website or Blog and start implementing

Create a website or blog and start doing SEO for it. Start reading Blogs and Articles related to SEO. 

At digitallydiv agency we create websites for passive income that do very well organically.

SEO is an advanced topic and it’s hard to complete it in a single article. Many newbies try not to concentrate on search engine Optimisation, and it’s a big mistake.

Search engine optimisation helps you to drive targeted traffic from organic search, which in turn makes more money for you. There are three core parts of SEO:

  • On page SEO: Your content quality, Keyword placement, and other factors.
  • On-Site SEO: Crawling, indexing of your website.
  • Off-Site SEO: Backlinks from other sites.

With the evolution of SEO, I would also like to add two more here:

  • Social signals: Social media plays a great role in improving your blog ranking. Google plus is proven to be the best social networking site to improve ranking.
  • User experience: New Search engine optimization is all about giving a great user experience. Some of the key aspect of good user experience: Navigation, site loading, website design, readability and so on.

5. Have a Mentor

At the conclusion of a lengthy conversation, a friend once said – after a long pause – “Things take time.”  Such Shakespearean gold.


Finding a mentor may take some time, but it is a critical step. Bear in mind that somewhere in the world, there will always be someone smarter than you. Therefore, why not learn from that individual? How do you locate that individual?


Networking – ask around, speak with your friends, conduct a LinkedIn search, attend SEO networking events, and so on. Be inventive, but seek out a mentor. A healthy dose of inspiration never hurts, so: “A mentor is someone who sees more potential and ability in you than you see in yourself and assists you in developing it.”


SEO is not difficult to master. All you need to do is be willing to devote the time and effort necessary to mastering the various SEO concepts.

If you’re new to SEO and curious about what it takes to progress from novice to expert, this post is for you.

Following each step meticulously and with determination will quickly get you to the finish line. Learn, Do, and Repetition. Avoid becoming discouraged, and keep in mind that each path to greatness begins with a single step. Once you feel comfortable with the fundamentals, move on to the nuances: meta descriptions, alt tags, and Google Search Console.
Have any additional recommendations or links to share? Let us know what you thought of this article by tweeting them at @wholewhale.

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Div Acharya
Div Acharya

Div, Founder, and Managing Director at DigitallyDiv strong believer and want nothing more than seeing you and your brand become amazingly victorious. With an MBA degree from Swinburne University Melbourne in tow and a great passion for digital marketing & Social Media Marketing, She is here to stay & grow!. She comes with a passion for helping people gain their confidence in Online Marketing.

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Div Acharya, Founder, and Managing Director at DigitallyDiv strong believer and want nothing more than seeing you and your brand become amazingly victorious. With an MBA degree from Swinburne University Melbourne in tow and a great passion for digital marketing & Social Media Marketing, She is here to stay & grow!. She comes with a passion for helping people gain their confidence in Online Marketing.

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