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Does it ever Feel like your Instagram & Facebook feeds are a bit ….blah ...meh… completely missing something?

It is said, within the first 6 seconds of someone clicking onto your page, the viewer has already made up their mind!! sounds spooky?Brand Theme Overhaul for Small Business is highly significant from the marketing perspective.

Branding Strategy : For any business, It’s not just enough to be selling products and services online. Your brand must stand out and be recognisable amidst the sea of information available to social media users.

Your page needs to yell out your brand, values &  theme- Branding & Identity is Important.

Posting images just because you feel you HAVE TO post, builds up a messy feed that isn’t very pretty to look at nor easy on the eye to navigate. You need to keep your potential follower wanting more so they scroll past the first 6 images they instantly see.

As said and done! Your insta bio /FB bio needs to be clear and precise whilst showing a little creativity so you’re made to look unique and special.

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Your BRANDING is the key! This is what sells your products or services.

Along with posting your products/services, you need to incorporate slightly fed breakers so it’s not overwhelming to your potential followers.

What’s Included in Brand Theme Overhaul for Small Business?

Okay! Let us create the mojo mojo! Our Branding Strategy.

You will be sent a short questionnaire which will ask for information about yourself, brand values, aspirations and what you offer etc.

We will then create a 2-feed theme board with ideas for you to execute, allowing you to visually see the potential your feed can have. Plus, we will include explanations as to why I have chosen certain images or added particular things.

Each feed theme will include 7 images each.

But wait there is more…We will also include a bio set to knock your competition out of the park.

This is a fantastic complete brand clean-up that will give your page the little sharpen its requirements.

Indeed! These are our  passion; We love seeing the transformation and so will you.....

Let's make something beautiful together.


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