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8 Mind-Blowing Facebook Engagement Tips

8 Mind-Blowing Facebook Engagement Tips

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8 mind-blowing Facebook Engagement tips

Being a Biz Owner Or Facebook page/Group Admin is not easy. It takes a lot to maintain a page/Group. 

It’s Obvious many times, you feel like, despite your best efforts, you are just not seeing as much engagement on your Facebook page as you would like. Would you love to take some Facebook engagement tips?

It is easy to fall into the routine of posting the same old things and run out of content ideas, day after day. 

Do Not fret!! we have compiled this list of creative ideas for how you can increase your engagement levels and get out your routine posting, once and for all!

The 8 Mind-Blowing Facebook Engagement Tips  :Post photo quotes on your Social Media Pages

Okay. Let’s begin with the 1st Mind Blowing Facebook Engagement Tips for Business. 

The next time you want to post a quote relevant to your Niche Or just a random motivational quote on your Facebook page, consider turning it into an image before sharing. 

We know that photos tend to receive up to Fifty Three% more likes than text-only posts (some estimates are even higher), so it will be well worth your time to turn that quote into an image.

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. – Doug Firebaugh


8 Mind Blowing Facebook Engagement Tips



Posts fun facts about any Social Media Platform:

People would appreciate and love to see posting some Fun facts that are informative as well as fun to know.

If you want something you never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before. – Drina Reed


8 Mind-Blowing Facebook Engagement Tips

Ask for likes versus comments.

Increase audience engagement by asking your fans to express a view or opinion by either liking or commenting on a post. 

For instance, ‘Tap the like button if you agree’, or ‘Share your opinion in the comment area if you disagree’.

You are what you are today, because of the decisions and choices you made yesterday.


Ask for Audience’s advice.

Ask your fans to give feedback on a situation or problem that a customer or client has asked you about. 

People love to help others and will bend over backward to offer advice that they think may help.

Post at the optimal times.

Although afternoons and evenings are generally the best time to post, the optimal times may vary by business and industry. 

So it’s important that you track when your engagement levels are highest. You’d be surprised at what a difference this can make! 

Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don’t even deserve to be an issue in your life.


Use Humour sometimes!!

Although you have to be careful with this one, adding a little bit of humor to your updates can definitely increase your reach.

 Everyone loves to share a good joke, so don’t be afraid to post a joke, comic or share something funny that has happened to you.


Humour in the posts

Don’t miss Posting on weekends!

Many businesses seem to forget that people are on Facebook on weekends. 

Just because you restrict your work to weekdays doesn’t mean your fans don’t want to hear from you on the weekends! 

You may even find them to be more engaged on weekends as they have more time and are more relaxed.

Never wish that life was easier; wish that you were better. – Jim Rohn


Use social games & Polls.

Don’t be afraid to just have some fun sometimes! There are heaps of articles that give some great ideas of how to use games to engage with your Facebook fans. 

One idea is to post a puzzle ( maths ) on your timeline and ask people to tell the answer.

Contact us If you want us to manage your social media content management for just $399/month. 

We post every Two day of the week so that you as a business person can Focus on what you do best “Business”.

Online polls were already emerging as an intriguing tool for digital marketers.

It’s a simple premise, and one that hasn’t changed over the past decade, although the tools at our disposal have evolved considerably. 

Today, audience polls are integrated features on most major social media networks. As marketers search for new ways to drive engagement and gather data, the allure of social media polls is just obvious.

“If you want to know what your users are thinking,” . “Just ask them.” Lee

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