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5 Reasons Why Cheap Website is Bad Business Decision and will sink your business.

5 Reasons Why Cheap Website is Bad Business Decision and will sink your business.

Business owners must keep a close eye on their profit margins. This means buying a cheap website for the short-sighted entrepreneur. Those with vision, on the other hand, understand that their website is a tool for business development.

Your website is a critical component of your company's digital first impression. Make it an excellent one.

If you’ve ever visited a website and quickly closed the tab thinking “nope, not dealing with this,” you understand the power of a website’s first impression.

After perusing your company’s website, studies reveal that it takes less than 0.2 seconds for individuals to form an initial opinion of your brand.

Numerous businesses we come across spend thousands on AdWords and Facebook ads and then wonder why their website never generates any sales.

When you look closer, though, the experience is broken – they have an excellent social presence and well-designed advertisements, but their website takes 10+ seconds to open and provides a poor user experience.

The biggest complement a user experience designer can receive is for you to leave happy as quickly as possible, because your user experience is unmistakably a part of your initial impression.

We’ve been developing websites for almost five years – long enough to have seen and heard nearly everything.

The terrifying tales.  The bizarre tales.

Occasionally, we receive call from a new client. They are desperate to get their business back online, because their website broke!! .Their present supplier has stated that they have no idea how to resolve the issue or even what the problem is.

We’ve compiled this post in the intention of assisting businesses in avoiding the various dangers associated with cost cutting.

When you visit your website, try if you can honestly and objectively answer the following questions within a few seconds of it loading:

  1. Does my website make it abundantly obvious what my business does?
  2. Is it straightforward to contact my business?
  3. Do customers intuitively know what to do if they decide to purchase something from me?
  4. If any of those questions are answered negatively, there is room for improvement.

Quick Navigation

When things go wrong, they go horribly wrong.

Numerous things can go wrong with your website. We frequently encounter challenges such as attacks/hacks, hosting troubles, and DNS issues.

When things go wrong, though, it’s not uncommon for less expensive providers to spend days or even weeks to remedy an issue that should never have occurred in the first place.

As experts, we’ve spent significant time developing our art and automating processes that assist us in avoiding these typical errors. 

For practically every eventuality, we have alarms, regular reports, peer review, and contingency plans.

It is our responsibility as your web designer /developer to ensure that you receive the finest service possible. 

We’re not sure how someone could devote the time and attention necessary to your business for Just $599. Which gets us to the point we’re about to make…

5 Reasons Why A Cheap Website is a Bad Business Decision and will sink your business

Websites are a very popular and most vital element of any Service business, and most companies are willing to get on board and get websites to brand their businesses.

And it’s easy to see why! When done correctly, Websites can be your 24/7 salesperson.

– Websites can Establish your business as a thought leader and boost its reputation.

– Websites can Assist and complement your SEO activities in order to improve your search engine rankings.

– Result in a higher-performing clientele and more inbound leads.

But only if it’s done correctly!

Instead of shopping for low-cost websites, Successful companies will rather invest in a custom site that will pay for itself in the long run.

The Vital Elements of a Website Design


Since the average business owner can not recognise the distinctions between good and poor web design, many websites end up looking horrible and inefficient.

Although design patterns shift on a regular basis, certain elements of a website remain constant, such as:

  1. Navigation is simple and straightforward.
  2. The design is easy.
  3. Web design that is industry-appropriate.
  4. Users shouldn’t have to guess where a page on your website is located.
  5. All should be well-organized, with straightforward menus and navigation.
  6. SEO Friendly and Mobile Friendly
  7. Faster website load time.
  8. Conversion Ready sales /Service pages.

Usually, cheap websites are built using a website template and its cost is as low because the designer spends a few dollars on the template which he then uses for every other website,

Here are 5 ways a Low-cost website can sink your website business.

#1 – Low-cost websites are not Conversion Ready


Custom web design also determines the most effective way to satisfy the customers’ needs while also achieving the overall conversion target.

Every aspect of your website’s design should be geared towards conversion.

There may be some micro-steps, but there should be a straightforward target and call-to-action at the end. Every’micro-yes’ would not be accommodated by a low-cost website.

Most are set up with only one contact page and the expectation that your customers will call.

Many low-cost websites underperform because they are designed to collect leads rather than close sales. There is no real hope of achieving the target if the concept was never configured to achieve it.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

#2 – Low-cost websites do not Meet the Needs of Your Customers


A good website takes into account the goods and services your company provides, and the web design correctly highlights them.

Web designers who sell low-cost websites do not want to devote the time and resources that a custom web designer might devote to research.

They can’t afford to have anything other than the most basic customer support because time is money.

#3 – Low cost websites are not SEO Friendly


The issue with a low-cost, cheap website  is that your cheap website designer will  creat

A. Content that is thin and adds no value.

B. Website content that appears to be eerily identical to other web posts (recycled content).

C. Keywords crammed to the brim, making the text unnatural to read (in a bid to trick search engines)

With such a small budget, to begin with, their top priority is to complete the web project as soon as possible and move on to the next.

But how does this have a negative impact on SEO?

The thing about search engines, especially Google, is that their algorithms are fairly robust and develop on a regular basis. To stand the test of time, whatever content you create must be useful and valuable, particularly when an update occurs.

In reality, Google’s new Panda update has rewarded websites that create useful and relevant content for their users, while penalising companies that promote thin and fluffy content that provides little value to online searchers.

#4 – Low-cost websites do not give importance to Content management.


Content marketing is very popular these days, and most companies are willing to get on board and produce and distribute vast quantities of content to brand their businesses.

And it’s easy to see why! When done correctly, content marketing will:

– Establish your business as a thought leader and boost its reputation.

– Assist and complement your SEO activities in order to improve your search engine rankings.

– Result in a higher-performing clientele and more inbound leads.

But only if it’s done correctly!

It is actually better to have NO content marketing than poorly created content. While you won’t reap the benefits of content marketing, at the very least you won’t harm your business.

#5 – Low-cost websites may not be Mobile friendly or Responsive


Every website has two versions: a desktop version and a mobile version. For both platforms, most low-cost websites use the same coding. 

This sometimes leads to smartphone problems and sluggish page load times. Google recently reported that they would give preference to pages that load faster on mobile devices. (reference)

Cheap websites are a waste of money because, in order to compete online, you must have two versions of your site. Both versions are quick and tailored for their respective platforms thanks to custom web design.

“If You Think Math is Hard Try Web Design

Wrapping Up!


As one of our website’s micro-steps, Digitallydiv Web Agency provides a Free Mock-Up for your Service business.

We don’t create “cheap” websites. Instead, we create websites that fulfil our clients’ needs at a price that suits their budget.

The best thing is that you will see exactly what we have this free mock-up offer without any expense or obligation in the future.

So, instead of falling into the cheap website pit, look for the best return on your investment.

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