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15 solid  Reasons to Use Canva for Design

15 solid Reasons to Use Canva for Design

Canva can do a lot of things, but it also can't do a lot of things. Understanding where Canva excels will help you determine which programme is best for you and your design needs. Let's take a look at what Canva can do.

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What Is the Purpose of Canva? 15 Reasons to Use Canva for Design

Canva is a fantastic graphic design tool that many people are turning to as a less expensive and more user-friendly alternative to the Adobe suite tools.  

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However, Adobe is still a major player in the graphic design space, so Canva serves a different purpose for different people. What exactly is the purpose of Canva?

Canva is a good design tool for anyone in need of a graphic design tool for cards, social media posts, infographics, and other projects. Also, Canva is for people who are not really fond of using Photoshop tool. Canva truly shines in its massive library of photos and elements for users to incorporate into their designs.

Canva can do a lot of things, but it also can’t do a lot of things. Understanding where Canva excels will help you determine which tool is best for you and your design needs.
Let’s take a look at what Canva can do.

1.Canva is an excellent tool for basic graphic design.

Canva is a graphic design tool, as opposed to drawing tools such as Procreate. 

This means that, unlike Procreate, you cannot draw with a stylus in Canva, but you can create designs using images, fonts, shapes, and elements.

Canva can do a LOT of things like a graphic design tool, but it can’t do everything. This is why I classified it as “basic” graphic design.

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It’s also worth noting that Canva can’t do much photo editing. Canva does not support custom cropping, colour adjustments, or adjusting objects within a scene. 

For these more advanced techniques, you’ll need to use a tools like Photoshop.

Even though Canva appears to be “basic,” many of us do not require the advanced techniques found in other programmes, such as the Adobe suite. 

Personally, I don’t want to pay a high price for a programme that includes features that I will never use.

Canva is the right price for my needs and does exactly what I need it to. That sounds good to me!

Canva also provides some unique features that you won’t find in other programmes. 

Some of these features distinguish Canva from the competition and may be worth the subscription fee alone.

To access many of the features we’re about to discuss, you’ll need to have a Canva Pro subscription. To get your feet wet in the programme and see how it can work for you, sign up for a free trial of Canva Pro here.

2.Canva is awesome for stock Images


Finding stock photos for your designs can be time-consuming and expensive. 

Searching through various platforms for specific photos that you must pay for separately? No thanks. If I need an image, a quick search on Canva yields far more results than I require.

But what can you do with Canva images? If you plan to sell your Canva-created designs, this is an important consideration.

At the moment, all free media can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes, according to Canva’s licence agreement. 

That being said, if you use a photograph of an icon, person, or another object, you must ensure that you have the legal right to do so.

You can’t also manipulate it, resell it, or do anything else with it.

If you divide the cost of the Pro subscription by the number of images, you’d be talking about fractions of a penny. 

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This is a lot less expensive than paying for individual stock photos.

Remember that you can try Canva Pro for free to see all of the incredible images that are available to you.

3.Canva is Good for Elements


I’m not sure if my team prefers Canva’s stock Photos collection or elements collection more. They are both awesome and useful in equal measure.

Perhaps you require a cute Dog or cat for a birthday card, flowers  Or a Love sign for a wedding invitation, or a sleek border for your client’s Pinterest pin…

Canva elements are extremely useful. I’m not aware of any other tool that will provide you with so many amazing design resources for such a low subscription fee. 

Remember to sign up for a free Canva trial to see all of their amazing elements.

4.Canva is Good for Fonts

There are so many great fonts that I sometimes get stuck in analysis paralysis when trying to choose the right one. It’s difficult to choose between so many excellent options!

There are fonts for every style, including script fonts, corporate fonts, boxy fonts, and airy fonts.

With a Canva Pro subscription, you have access to over 3,000 fonts. Do you see what I mean? You can also upload your own fonts to add to the plethora of options available.

Canva is great for people who want access to pre-made design assets, as you can see from the previous four points. 

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Canva really shines in this area, so if you don’t want to make everything from scratch, you should pay attention to Canva.

5.Canva is Good for design and share

There are so many great features, It’s difficult to choose between so many excellent options!

For Instance, You can design your Pinterest pin and share it or schedule for posting through Canva. How Convenient is that eh?

With a Canva Pro subscription, you have access to over 3,000 fonts, 60 Million Stock Pics and many templates design. Do you see what I mean? 

You can link all your social media accounts( FB, Linkedin, Pinterest and many more) and post on a regular basis. I call this design & Post feature of Canva.

Canva is great for people who want access to pre-made design assets, as you can see from the previous four points. 

Canva really shines in this area, so if you don’t want to make everything from scratch, you should pay attention to Canva.

6.Canva is useful for removing image

Canva Pro’s background remover tool is surprisingly effective. I’ve tried other background removal tools but none have worked as well as Canva’s. 

Canva’s background remover is a great alternative to doing it by hand, which is time-consuming.

Of course, there are times when Canva’s background remover tool falls short. 

If you have an image with a busy background, the tool may struggle to distinguish what should and should not be erased.

Fortunately, Canva provides a quick solution to this problem. 

If you use the background remover tool and notice that there are still some pieces that need to be removed, click the minus icon in the left toolbar. This allows you to manually delete anything you need to.

If, on the other hand, the background remover erased too much of your image, simply click on the little plus icon and restore whatever parts of the image you require.

Canva’s background remover is excellent and a valuable feature of the tool. Remember that you can try this feature for free when you sign up for a free Canva Pro trial.

7.Canva is useful for quick graphic
design projects.


Canva’s main focus, as you can see from the preceding points, is to provide you with access to pre-made design assets that can make your graphic design life easier and more efficient. 

Images, fonts, elements, templates, collaboration features, and cloud-based storage that you can access from anywhere combine to provide you with a plethora of options for great graphic design projects.

Even though Canva cannot perform many advanced techniques, that is not the point. 

Canva is a dream come true for artists looking for a quick and simple way to create beautiful designs without the hassle and stress.

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8. Canva is Good for Pre-Made Templates

When you open a new design in Canva, a set of pre-made templates will appear on the left side for you to use in your design. 

The word “set” is incorrect here. In reality, it’s a never-ending scroll of professionally designed templates.

Canva is the place to go if you need a quick design.

If you require bulk social media posts, a quick card that you must customise with a photo and print, or a banner for an event with a professional flair.

9. Canva is good for Resizing your designs
to Any Format

Once again, another Canva Pro feature that is well worth the subscription fee. 

Sure, it would have been preferable if they had included this in the free version, but they are still a business.

You cannot resize any of your designs without Canva Pro. You’re stuck with your dimensions once you’ve decided on them. 

You can make any size design including all the Social media posts for FB, Insta & Pinterest.

11. Canva is good for Transparent
Background Downloads

This is yet another Canva Pro feature that is well worth the subscription fee. 

Even though it appears that this feature should have been included in the free version. Continue reading to the end of this post to learn my overall thoughts on Canva’s free version.

For Logos, web designs materials, and other types of Digital marketing designs, I download a LOT of my designs as png with transparent backgrounds.

I also use them when I need to import standalone designs into other designs. 

There are a million different reasons why you would want a transparent png, so the fact that the free version of Canva does not provide this is a huge disadvantage if you are attempting to use the free version.

12. Canva is good for easily Animating Your Designs

Yay!! You can have your elements enter your design in a variety of ways using their animation feature: some of the animations I use are as below:

PS: You can download these as Gif files or Vids.

  • Block: elements come in more dramatically and suddenly
  • Rise: elements “rise” from the bottom of the design
  • Breathe: elements come in subtly and the backgrounds zoom in and out as if they’re breathing
  • Slide: elements slide in
  • Fade: elements “fade in” as the name implies
  • Pan: elements come in from the side and the backgrounds pan across the screen


13. Canva is good for Collaborating with
your Team Members


You can invite team members to collaborate on any project or design using Canva Pro. 

You can not only create everything together, but you can also leave comments and communicate directly through Canva.

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What’s neat about Canva’s sharing feature is that you can share a design when you are just getting started with it so that you can work together on it. 

Or, you can use the sharing feature as a way to send designs to each other and add them to your own Canva design gallery.

Another great thing about collaborating with others on Canva is that you can utilize Canva’s Brand Kit to keep all of your logos, fonts, colors, and more. 

Canva Pro is well worth the subscription price if collaboration is important to you. 

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Staying within the same ecosystem to share feedback and maximise your skills will greatly increase your efficiency. 

You won’t have to worry about version control as you send designs back and forth for feedback via email. 

The more platforms you can get rid of, the better. If everyone on your team is familiar with Canva, this is a great way to streamline your workflow.

When working on your graphic design project, Canva’s team features are a great way to collaborate with others in the most efficient way possible. 

It is important to note that if everyone on your team intends to use Canva Pro features, each member of your team must have a Canva Pro subscription. Allow them to download free Canva Pro trials and see how it works for your team.

Important: In order to use this feature, all of your team members must have Canva Pro subscriptions.

14. Canva is good for Stellar Photo Effects to Make Your Photos Magnificent


Photo effects are simple with Canva! Whether you’re designing on the web, your iOS or Android devices, Canva has plenty of trendy photo filters to choose from to give your photos your favourite signature looks.

Just choose any photo and click “Filter” to scroll through each of our head-turning filters.

And if you want to design a filter of your own, click “advanced options” to experiment with all of canva’s  photo editor sliders to produce one of a kind photo effect

15. Canva is useful for storing designs
without taking up computer space.

Canva is a web-based tool, so it will not take up any space on your computer. 

Canva Pro comes with 100GB of storage space within Canva’s system to store all of your designs.

There is no need to add more storage space to your computer.

Large design files can quickly consume your computer storage space, especially if you’re an artist. 

With Canva, it’s convenient to have an extra 100GB of storage space that can be used for anything related to Canva.

Canva’s web-based platform leads us to yet another advantage of this graphic design software.

Canva is Awesome for Creating Soft, Dreamy Designs with Transparent Images

Do you want your design to be as gentle as an Anthropologie catalog spread? 

Sometimes a design can be like a ramshackle student film production, with every shape and colour elbowing for screen time.

Great designers know that a well-made backdrop helps the foreground shine all the brighter. Give your designs an elegant backdrop with transparency!

Every element of a Canva design has adjustable transparency. Simply select an element, then click the down arrow to reveal the transparency slider.

Canva Pro is a fantastic investment if your work is related to Digital designs, web design, social media marketing and many more…

Keep track of how frequently you use the Pro features during your 30-day trial

How frequently do you create transparent png? How frequently do you resize your photos? Consider your design requirements and how frequently you would use Canva Pro’s features on a monthly basis.

Do you use its features frequently enough to justify the cost? 

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If this is the case, you’ve just increased your design capabilities! If not, simply unsubscribe before the end of your 30-day trial period and you will not have lost anything.

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Don’t be afraid to give it a shot! Whether it ends up being the right tool/software for you or not, you’ll at least understand why everyone is raving about Canva.



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