10 ways to find new content ideas[Must know tips]

10 ways to find new content ideas[Must know tips]

Are you looking outside of your window, looking at a lovely sunny day, and wanting to see you out instead of stuck in your work? The cursor blinks on a blank page and asks for words while you have nothing

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10 ways to find new content ideas[ Must know tips to grow your online business]

Are you looking outside of your window, looking at a lovely sunny day, and wanting to see you out instead of stuck in your work? 

The cursor blinks on a blank page and asks for words while you have nothing?

We were there as well. It is difficult to create content. And come up with ideas about Killer content? It could be a Nightmare!

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Honestly, if there were a kind of rain dance that would make new ideas, I would.

But there isn’t, sadly. There are therefore a few tricks I use to dry up ideas.

1. Write Down any and every Question a Customer or Client Has Ever Asked You


Go do that now!!. Go do it now. Done that? Good. Good. Good. Answer to all the  Questions. 

10 Easy and Effective Ways to Find New Content Ideas

How you respond to them doesn’t matter. Blogging, Vlogging, Infographic. Reply. Reply to them.

And you’ve got it, many nice new ideas for marketing content. 

Those who search for and are helpful will find informative.

3 key differences between Content Writing & Copy Writing.

Well done! Well done! Well done! Applause* Applause

“Your blog is a reflection of your company,”

2. Get On to Quora


Quora is mainly a highly addictive question-and-answer site, which gives you an idea of what people are interested in. 

So type your offered product or service and go away! In a short space of time, you will be able to see which subjects your business is interested in.

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3.Check on Udemy & Skill Share 


It sounds weird, But Udemy is the place where People pay to Learn. Type in your Niche related Category in Udemy Search Option and Find the List of Topics you can Create Content on.

To make sure your content is as engaging as it gets, it needs to be valuable, and most often, that means you need to write long-form content so that you have room to include everything you want to talk about,”

4. Go to Amazon- Not to shop this time! ( products, Books and so on)

Yes! Amazon.

Go to Amazon and get on to your niche-specific Books Or Ebooks. 

Check on the Content of the book. And Voila! Here is the list of  Topics You can Create Content on.( In the 2nd Pic list). 

Content creation is a very resource–intensive process,”

Weaver says.

5. Get on to


I love I don’t know how I survived without it!

Not only does it help you your Blogs but also You can get Inspired by Millions Of Other Bloggers that write on Medium. Medium-where good Ideas find you!

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Bonus Tip: 

You Don’t Have to be Unique but Try to be Better


Try not to spend time with brand new content that is completely original. This is the web. There are high Chances that your idea was previously conceived & written about !!

However, you can improve, inform, enjoy, express your opinions, etc. And you can distinguish yourself like that.

6. Join Facebook/Linkedin Forums and Groups About Your Niche


Hang out with like-minded people, join discussions, ask questions, talk to other humans and you’re bound to come away with some awesome content ideas.

7. Use Google Search -Related Searches


When you Google your Niche related Keyword, when scroll down the search results till the end ,you will find Related Searches.

This is the Bundle  of Content Options and Content Ideas You can find. 

8. Jump on the Trend Hole!


Springing into the latest ‘trend’ or news is a great way to build content people love to read. So if you are a specialist in a field that’s a hot topic, make sure that you talk about it now!

Just do it!

9. Hubspot Generator


Just in three keywords from your choices and ta-dah subjects! Post title fancy blog. Thank you, Hubspot! 

10. See


Get instant, raw search insights, direct from the minds of your customers. 

There are 3 billion Google searches every day, and 20% of those have never been seen before. 

They’re like a direct line to your customers’ thoughts…Sometimes that’s ‘How do I Fly a drone’. Other times it’s the wrenching fears and secret hankerings they’d only ever dare share with Google.

Bonus Tip : Use Reddit 

It’s simple to use Reddit for content inspiration:

Find the most relevant subreddit that corresponds to the niche you wish to write about.

Use the search function to find the most relevant thread.

We recommend ranking the threads by the amount of comments, which indicates how active they are.


Search any subreddit using one of the following terms and variants to uncover the most prevalent concerns or difficulties that your target audience may want assistance with:


  • How do you…
  • What’s the finest…
  • Advice on…
  • Is there anyone who knows if/how/why/when…
  • Suggestion…
  • Thoughts about…
  • I require assistance…
  1. Tips…
  2. The most difficult aspect about…

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